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Modern Century introduces rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-23
Modern Century introduces: The rattan furniture on the furniture market is mainly divided into two categories: one is natural rattan. Natural vines are divided into the rhizome material of the trailing plant and the water lotus material. These two materials cannot tolerate direct sunlight and humid environments, so they are only suitable for indoor use. The second is man-made materials, including pe rattan and pvc rattan, etc., which are mostly used.   Rattan is a kind of natural material. It has the advantages of being strong and light, not afraid of squeezing, soft and elastic. The rattan furniture made of it is also strong and durable. Modern rattan furniture is mainly made by bending bamboo and rattan. Various patterns and patterns are formed through various weaving techniques and techniques, which have changed the crude and rough image of the past and become more refined and beautiful in appearance.   Among all the furniture, the living room rattan furniture is the most stylized furniture. The rattan furniture woven with rattan cores show the beauty of simple craftsmanship in shape and color, smooth lines, delicate and soft touch; restaurant furniture pays more attention to the combination of structure and color, and tables and chairs made of thick rattan are more It has the atmosphere of the times, and it feels strong and round; rattan study furniture is often more fresh and beautiful in shape, and the upholstered rattan chair is matched with a simple small bookcase and floor-to-ceiling book frame, which is quite coordinated and beautiful.  From the color point of view, most of the rattan furniture are mainly in dark brown, coffee, and beige. They are all colors that are easy to match and are more convenient for the overall matching and decoration of the home.   Rattan Art Home has many advantages. The first is toughness, durability and elasticity. The rattan used to make rattan furniture is generally dense, strong, light, tough, firm, and easy to bend into shape. After cooking, drying, bleaching, anti-mildew, disinfection and other processes, it is extremely durable. Secondly, it is light and easy to move, which is a feature that other materials of furniture do not have. There are also beautiful appearance, warm in winter and cool in summer, as well as health and environmental protection, comfortable and practical, not easy to mold, easy to clean, environmental protection, UV resistance and other advantages.   However, rattan furniture also has some shortcomings. Pay attention to maintenance during daily use. It is not suitable to be immersed in water or high-temperature baking. It should be strictly kept away from sharp tools during use. When moving the furniture, the bottom should be moved. In addition, the placement of rattan furniture should be kept horizontal, otherwise it is easy to deform. In addition, rattan furniture is greatly affected by the change of seasons, and the service life is relatively short. If used for a long time, a small amount of loose rattan parts will occur, so it is necessary to do a good job of binding in time.
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