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Modern Century introduces the history of rattan furniture business

by:Modern Century     2021-10-22
Modern Century said that in recent years, rattan furniture has begun to spread to the market, so what do you know about the history of rattan furniture business? Next, I will show you the origin of rattan furniture.   In the past, the production of rattan furniture relied entirely on hand tools, which was a family workshop-style processing mode. Nowadays, the scale of rattan furniture enterprises has expanded. After the equipment has been improved, the processing of raw rattan materials has been more standardized and the utilization rate has been extended to the greatest extent. Especially for the processing of rattan cores, the size and thickness of rattans are uniform, so that the quality of the finished rattan furniture is not only The next step is also more advanced; there are other processing links that require mechanized processing equipment and professional operators. The modern equipment mainly includes sawing machine (sliding table saw), splitting machine, polishing machine, steam heating and bending equipment, etc. In this way, the output and quality of furniture have been greatly improved than before. With the continuous growth of the market economy, following the trend of economic development and Guangdong’s unique geographical advantages, the export of rattan furniture has naturally become a hot export commodity; in recent decades, Guangdong rattan furniture has been export-oriented. The materials used are up to international environmental protection standards, and the design and style are in line with the world. They are in a leading position in China; the annual output ranks first in the country. Our China Weaving Crafts Network is for the majority of Chinese weaving enterprises (including rattan suppliers) and overseas buyers. Provide a B2B e-commerce platform that integrates online and offline.   The operating history of rattan furniture introduced by the editor of Dongguan Rattan Furniture Modern Century is the above content. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you have friends who want to buy rattan furniture, you can contact us.
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