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Modern Century outdoor furniture from workmanship to delivery, one-stop service

by:Modern Century     2021-07-19
Modern Century's outdoor furniture products cover nearly a thousand varieties in three series: leisure furniture, outdoor sunshade, and courtyard leisure equipment. A professional enterprise integrating garden leisure concept design, production, manufacturing, sales and service has been formed. In terms of the original patented design of outdoor furniture, Modern Century leisure furniture has made great breakthroughs since 2015, the original design 'Sky City'Modern Century' adheres to its consistent brand and innovation path, speeds up the research and development of smart homes, keeps up with the pace of fashion, and advocates leisure garden life. In 2018, he designed the 'Yunmengzhijing' series of products. At the beginning of its establishment, Modern Century focused on the two themes of environmental protection and fashion and leisure. Not only did the products cooperate with world-renowned brands in the selection of raw materials, the company logo originated from the 'Modern Century' mascot 'Tibetan Antelope, Madahan'Mandahan' under the lens of the teacher found Gu Tao, a well-known documentary director with the theme of 'concerning the living conditions and mental state of the northern minorities in the current society' as the company's image spokesperson. In terms of outdoor furniture customization, Modern Century leisure furniture has achieved a good one-stop service standard. We not only provide fashionable and high-quality products for the majority of hotel customers, designer customers, and chain catering customers, but also provide high-quality after-sales services. With technical support, continuous development and design of innovative products and brand establishment are the company's tenet. For the company's employees to promote self-esteem, self-improvement, struggle, and learning corporate culture, we focus on honesty, fairness, mutual respect and sincere communication with customers.
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