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'Modern Century' takes you into rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-24
'Modern Century' takes you into rattan furniture. Summer is lovely. It allows us to get rid of heavy clothing and bedding, enjoy life easily, open windows, and get in touch with nature; summer is terrible, rainy, high temperature, Mosquitoes challenge our home enthusiasm all the time. Therefore, although it is only 30°C, we have to start the summer cooling work as early as possible. The summer is cool, 'sweepingRattan furniture is highly breathable, feels refreshing, and warm in winter and cool in summer. The rustic vines can help to keep the air. If you use rattan furniture as much as possible in the bedroom in summer, it will be beneficial to the summer heat and sleep. It is also rigid with softness, soft and mellow, durable, warm in winter and cool in summer, not mildew and not moth, acid and corrosion resistance, waterproof and breathable, and it is a favorite choice for many people! In terms of material selection, rattan furniture is carefully selected. Choose the appropriate thickness from the many rattans, the beautiful appearance and the texture. The flexible rattan is used for the weaving of good rattan furniture, so all in the production process Use good technicians to select rattan furniture or rattan chairs in the process of weaving rattan chairs. No chemicals or chemical materials are used in the material selection of rattan furniture. The most primitive physical and artificial method is used to select the material of rattan furniture. This fundamentally ends the safety of the raw materials of rattan furniture. Problems with environmental friendliness. However, there is no special cleaning agent for rattan furniture such as rattan chairs, but this does not mean that there are too many troubles in the maintenance process. And it is simpler than leather furniture. It only needs to use common salt water for cleaning, and for heavier oil stains, although special oily solvents compatible with paint cannot be used, traditional alkaline water is needed for cleaning. Rattan sofas are different from ordinary sofas in terms of materials, and they can use machines on a large scale unlike ordinary furniture in the production process. So in the process of weaving the rattan sofa, all weaving are done manually. This is also different from the rattan pieces used in rattan chairs, which are machine-made, so rattan furniture, cushions, backrests, and other rattan chairs are all machine-made. Therefore, in the case of the same materials, the price of rattan sofa is a bit more expensive than that of rattan chairs. There are more and more varieties of rattan furniture. In addition to the common rattan tables and chairs, sofas, and coffee tables, rattan beds and rattan wardrobes have also emerged. Different from the past, modern rattan furniture is different from the rattan products in traditional memory in terms of material selection, craftsmanship, design and production. In addition to its practicality, designers are more exaggerating its artistry, most of which are It has been given a tropical Southeast Asian style, thick and simple, elegant and casual.
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