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Most people today live in apartments, especially

by:Modern Century     2021-03-23

There was a time when every home has a separate guest room. Today, with smaller homes, guest rooms are no longer a necessity, though people try to accommodate their guests in the best way possible. It was common to see living rooms with extra wooden single bed, kept like a 'diwan' for extra seating option where guests could spend the night. Today, with more and more people having a contemporary decor style, the 'diwan' is a story of the past. Most people invest in high quality couches, leather sofas and upholstered sofas in linen that leaves no room for an additional wooden singlebed in the living area. To solve that problem, sofa cum beds were introduced.

Now sofa cumbed is of many kinds. You can buy a wooden sofa cum bed, where the bottom portion opens up like a drawer with a thicker mattress so as to create a large wooden doublebed to accommodate guests. Another popular option is foam sofa cumbed that is upholstered, and can convert in to a bed that is essentially just a 6 to 10 inch thick mattress. These are cheaper, as no wood is used in these. These are just folded pieces of thick foam, held together by the upholstered fabric that comes with zippers. These come in two sizes - a 3 feet size that coverts in to a singlebed and 5 feet size that converts in to a double queen size bed.

It is also possible to get sofas customized in order for them to become sofa cum bed when extra sleeping arrangements are needed. Very popular are the leather sofa bed, that works like a plush couch on most days and converts in to a comfortable leatherbed for guests to sleep in. If you do have an extra study room or a home office, putting sofa cum bed in this space is a great idea. These sofas can be used for clients to sit on, you to do some reading work and will easily convert in to a bed that is in an enclosed area for privacy when guests come over.

A sofa cumbed is also a great idea for your child's bedroom, especially if the child is slightly older. The sofa can be used to entertain friends, do a little reading and lounging around and can easily be converted in to an extra bed when cousins and friends of your child stay over. All in all, a sofa cumbed is a functional option and more aesthetically pleasing than having a wooden single bed fitted oddly in the home decor.

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