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Natural atmosphere bamboo and rattan furniture shows the scenery in home decoration

by:Modern Century     2021-09-04
Nowadays, bamboo and rattan furniture is novel and beautiful in appearance, and it is also hand-woven, which is more and more popular in home decoration. The characteristic of bamboo and rattan furniture is that it is refreshing and cool to sit up in summer, and its development prospects in the international market will also be very impressive. Bamboo and rattan furniture is truly green furniture. First of all, we understand what green furniture is. Green furniture should include at least two aspects: on the one hand, the product itself must meet environmental protection requirements, and on the other hand, the product must meet environmental protection requirements in the production process. From these two aspects, my country's bamboo and rattan furniture is undoubtedly a well-deserved green furniture. Bamboo furniture has a long history in the history of Chinese furniture, but it is subject to development constraints due to its easy cracking and deformation during use. At present, my country has introduced modern technology and craftsmanship related to the production of new-style bamboo furniture from some developed countries. The bamboo furniture made by regular manufacturers in the market today not only maintains the unique texture and performance of bamboo, but also overcomes its shortcomings of easy cracking and deformation, while also taking into account the realistic demand concept. Bamboo itself is an excellent fast-growing resource. It is a high-quality wood substitute for forest protection in our country. It does not use a large amount of formaldehyde-rich adhesives like wooden furniture in the production process, so it is extremely beneficial to human health. In addition, the raw materials for bamboo furniture on the market this year are mostly high-quality phoebe bamboo produced in Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, and Fujian. The tensile strength and compressive strength of this bamboo along the grain are 2.5 times that of cherry wood. The processing method is to first peel the raw bamboo and cut into bamboo strips with a width of 3-4 cm, and then go through a special process and high-pressure gluing to make a large board. The whole process has to go through more than 30 processes. The treated board will not crack, deform and degummed. Moreover, it has the advantages of moisture-proof and moth-proof, and various physical properties are equivalent to medium and high-grade hard miscellaneous woods. When we generally choose bamboo and rattan furniture, in addition to the fine hand-weaving skills and the novel and beautiful appearance, the most important thing is to check whether the sofa material is good. For example, the wrinkles on the surface of the bamboo and rattan indicate that the sofa is made of young and tender rattan, which has poor toughness, low strength, and is easy to break and corrode. Bamboo and rattan furniture is exquisite with materials. Except for the rattan from Yunnan, many rattan materials come from Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. These rattans are hard in texture and have the same thickness from end to end. The furniture with summer colors is no better than bamboo and rattan furniture. It is made of natural materials, as if it can still breathe the breath of green plants; it is environmentally friendly and healthy, which protects the health of the family; the color is elegant and refreshes the eyes. In the scorching summer, whether indoors or outdoors, it can add a touch of coolness to the home. In conclusion, my country's bamboo and rattan furniture is undoubtedly a well-deserved green furniture. Bamboo and rattan furniture will become a new fashion in home decoration.
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