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Nordic style meets rattan furniture, deduces the unique elegance of healing

by:Modern Century     2021-10-22
When the simple Nordic style meets the natural rattan furniture, what kind of spark will it collide? I believe these products below will give you the perfect answer. The same light tones and the pursuit of nature and primitiveness make the combination of the two present a natural and harmonious pace, with a unique elegance of healing. Let's take a look.    the gray-green background wall shows a bit of safety, and the decoration of the two paintings adds an artistic flavor. The width of the L-shaped sofa just fits the living room space. A simple small chandelier interprets the concept of Nordic minimalism, and the floor lamp in the corner enriches the lighting. A wicker chair was placed in the center of the living room, and the leisurely mood suddenly overflowed.  The open kitchen creates a sense of hierarchy to adapt to the spatial structure, the gray cabinets make the space atmosphere calm, and the mosaic wall tiles bring richer decorative elements. The combination of wall cabinets and shelves satisfies the different storage needs in the kitchen, and the embellishment of green potted plants makes the air a lot fresher.     Glimpse of the dining table. Small objects such as tableware and seasoning jars are arranged at will, but they also have an exquisite atmosphere. The green plants in the center of the dining table bring natural freshness. The taste of life is revealed in the details. The round dining table is very elegant, four chairs with different shapes make the design full of small restaurant space, and the rattan dining table brings a fresh and simple feeling. The     round dining table is very elegant, four chairs with different shapes make the design full of the small dining room, and the rattan chandeliers bring a fresh and simple feeling.   The outdoor balcony is a good place to get close to the natural atmosphere. With the elegant rattan table and rattan chairs, you can enjoy the leisure mood of life more. The corridors are decorated with simple decorative paintings, giving the empty walls an artistic charm. At the entrance of   , a large mosaic is used to create a background wall and a bench is very convenient for changing shoes or taking a rest. The rattan woven flower pots and green plants make the owner feel refreshed and refreshed as soon as he enters the door. The simple hanger hook on the other wall takes up no space and is easy to access.   There is no door in the master bedroom space, which is connected to the living room, allowing air to circulate in the house better. The colors of walls, furniture and bedding are the most typical and simple and simple Nordic style. The small workbench on the wall makes the space more versatile, and the background wall uses the same design as the entrance.   Two windows bring good lighting, and the bright light makes the space more spacious. The wicker chair exudes a leisurely and leisurely taste of life, and the large chandelier with a unique shape has become an eye-catching role in the space.  The second bedroom has a small space, but it also reflects the coordination with the overall home style. The background wall of the bedside is still mosaic tiles, and a small design element spreads to every corner of the home. The dark green wall drove away the boringness of a single tone, and a green plant on the bedside table made a flowerpot with a paper bag, which is also a simple detail of life. Rattan furniture
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