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'Not To Be Big' Super Large Courtyard Umbrella Center Optimus Umbrella

by:Modern Century     2021-07-19
In 2018, Modern Century Optimus Umbrella made its grand debut. The central pillar Optimus Umbrella with a diameter of 7m has an effective use area of u200bu200b38.5 square meters. At the same time, the super large square 5 m 6 m Optimus Umbrella was launched. 4s store’s parking lot, children’s playground, large dining area, scenic rest area, swimming pool rest and swimming pool sunscreen area; 1. It is not only big, after the umbrella is opened, two cars can be kept cool under the umbrella; 2. Umbrella cloth is 280g polyester Cloth, waterproof and sunscreen, high-quality polyester cloth does not fade easily; 3. All aluminum frame, will not rust; 4. Umbrella ribs reach 12, the structure is stable and safe; up to 3 rib design, umbrella tray design, and connection accessory design patent.
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