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Now that the sun has begun making a reappearance

by:Modern Century     2021-03-16

First things first - think about who will be using the garden, and for what. For example, will you entertain a lot, perhaps whilst hosting a barbecue? Or will it just be for the family, and lazy, summer dinners in the sun. Alternatively, you may just want a small set for drinking coffees in the morning, and reading the paper.

Furniture for one or two people is an excellent options for those living alone, as part of a couple or with another roommate. These are generally referred to as Bistro sets, and are also particularly effective for small spaces, as they only take up a little area. There are myriad designs to choose from, from vintage metal to simply wood, making it easy to perk up a petite outdoors area.

However if you anticipate entertaining another couple of people, but not the whole family, a four-seater set may be a better option - particularly if you have more space to spare. Or why not consider investing in a picnic table? Although these are fixed, making them less easy to move, they are highly durable and often wipe-clean - making them the ideal option for those with a young child.

For people looking to hold garden parties, host barbeque's, and generally be the entertainer of their friends and family, a larger set is probably a good idea. Sets with anything from six to 12 chairs can generally be found, and as most places will sell the chairs by themselves, if you find this isn't enough to play with, you can always add a couple on to the set.

Once you have chosen the size of set you'd like to purchase, it's worth putting some thought into which material you would like to go for. Whilst classic hardwood is a beautiful choice, it does need protection to mitigate mould growing, or it chipping away - which can cause painful splinters. However its traditional aesthetics and hard-wearing core make it a good choice for some.

Other options can include glass, aluminium, metal and softwood. Metal is very durable and only requires an annual anti-rust treatment; whilst glass is very pretty, but can be dangerous. Softwood is very cottage-esque, and provides a relaxed, outdoorsy look - a must for those living out in the country.

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