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Outdoor folding tables and chairs, showing modern and simple home style

by:Modern Century     2021-08-07
Modern Century leisure furniture has created an outdoor folding table and chair. The all-aluminum frame is electrostatically sprayed. It is made of professional outdoor plastic powder. It is not easy to fade when it is stored outdoors for a long time. It is simple and easy to fold, does not occupy space, and is convenient to carry, showing the modern and simple home style. The design concept of this table and chair: Modern Century's design team understands market needs, keeps up with fashion trends, and makes the new dining experience more suitable for changing spaces, making the space more expandable, and satisfying people's desire to reduce constraints and pursue leisure emotional appeal , This table and chair in the innovation, after several revisions and optimizations, the finished product can be called a classic masterpiece of dining tables and chairs. The original profile outdoor folding tables and chairs are made of original aluminum. The tables and chairs are made of all-aluminum alloy frames with super stretch, bending and ductility. The main frame is made of thickened aluminum alloy tubes above 2.0MM, which can weigh 200KG. the above. The tables and chairs with superb craftsmanship are all made of anti-static spray professional outdoor plastic powder, imported equipment, computer-controlled twenty spray painting procedures, uniform texture, full paint surface, smooth and rich texture, not easy to rust and paint. The seat and backrest of the imported teslin cloth are made of imported encrypted teslin cloth, which is composed of environmentally friendly PE+ core. It is a breathable fabric. It has strong toughness and tear resistance, can withstand pressures of over 200KG, and is colorful and wear-resistant Features such as damage, high temperature resistance, no water absorption, aging resistance and easy cleaning. The life attitude of a set of folding tables and chairs folds up troubles and opens up happiness. This is not just a set of tables and chairs, but also a casual attitude to life. Enjoying the good time and condensing the past years of hope, the feelings of the four seasons, and the beauty of simplicity and flexibility are always in my heart.
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