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Outdoor furniture considerations

by:Modern Century     2021-08-09
Outdoor furniture is usually placed in an outdoor space, unavoidably exposed to the sun and rain. Of course, it also tests the quality and craftsmanship of materials more than indoor furniture. The choice of materials is particularly critical for this type of furniture. Outdoor furniture is mainly made of wood, metal and rattan. Traditionally, the wood used to make outdoor furniture includes pineapple grid, teak and pine. These types of wood have good moisture-proof and anti-cracking properties. Metal outdoor furniture materials generally include ordinary steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, cast aluminum, etc. Among them, cast aluminum and stainless steel have the strongest rust resistance. PE rattan made of polymer material has good flexibility and plasticity, and the lines of rattan furniture are comfortable and smooth, and the appearance is more fashionable. It is loved by young people. The use of better design materials also greatly extends the life of outdoor furniture. High-quality materials also make the furniture design more textured. Modern Century rattan tables and chairs, no matter in the use of materials and the embodiment of the sense of design, all have high-quality quality. PE rattan is the main material used to replace natural real rattan to make rattan furniture. It uses PE rattan imported from Germany and is environmentally friendly. There are round rattan, flat rattan, embossed rattan, artificial rattan, effect rattan, dream rattan, and discoloration. Rattan elongation, foaming, fine mopping, dense surface, mildew, shaving, color mixing, threading and other effects, suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture. The size and style of PE rattan is also very diverse, the color is rich and changeable, and it has been verified that even in the case of high temperature, it will not emit a toxic smell. The rattan sofa is malleable, washable, not easy to mold, does not contain toxic substances, anti-ultraviolet and anti-bad weather environment, etc., and its weather resistance can reach more than 3000 hours. It is produced by two-machine co-extrusion and three-machine co-extrusion, and can be customized to develop and produce new products of outdoor furniture in various colors and styles according to the requirements of the drawings. Moisture-proof, anti-aging, insect-proof, anti-infrared, easy to maintain, you can use a brush, rag or vacuum cleaner to clean rattan furniture, but it should be protected from collision and scratches by hard objects. The shape design of outdoor furniture puts the user's inner feelings in the first place, and mostly takes linear, arc, plant and other shapes as themes to create a comfortable expression of space; secondly, outdoor furniture is based on conforming to the human body curve and its own material attributes. , To create a rhythmic overall shape, so that the body and soul can fit perfectly, and convey a casual and comfortable home mood.
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