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Outdoor furniture industry, the novice you don’t know the hidden mystery

by:Modern Century     2021-08-12
1. Precautions for purchasing outdoor furniture 1. Climate: Consider the weather in the place where you live. Does it often rain, is it tropical, humid and hot? Direct sunlight will cause cracks in wooden furniture, and metal materials will increase the temperature in the sun, making it uncomfortable to use. If you live in a place with frequent tropical storms, strong convection weather, or close to the sea, the momentary wind may overturn the aluminum or plastic tables and chairs outside. 2. Where to place the furniture: Consider whether your garden furniture is placed on a soft lawn or on a hard floor. If it is on the lawn, do not use cork framed furniture. The cork will absorb moisture and damage the frame. Try to choose rattan furniture and aluminum alloy furniture as alternatives. Second, what material is good for outdoor furniture? 1. Wood material: solid wood furniture gives people a natural and simple feeling, which is loved by many people. Outdoor solid wood furniture needs to be treated with anticorrosion and placed under the canopy to prevent the solid wood furniture from being used normally due to rain. 2. Imitating rattan: rattan-like materials are also called rubber rattan and wisteria. At present, rubber rattan is often used as a material for outdoor furniture, with beautiful styles and low prices. However, rattan furniture cannot be exposed to the sun. Inferior rattan materials will break after three or four months of use.
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