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Outdoor furniture necessary for a comfortable courtyard in summer

by:Modern Century     2021-07-30
Cast aluminum outdoor furniture Solid structure, beautiful and fashionable, as the protagonist of the pool party in the 1970s, after continuous reform and innovation, today's cast aluminum furniture is not inferior. Before you are ready to throw away these materials, take the time to investigate and make choices. In addition to durability and rust resistance, cast aluminum outdoor furniture is also suitable for a variety of designs and colors. Aluminum outdoor furniture has been in people's lives for a long time, I believe it will definitely add a color to your courtyard. Rattan outdoor furniture is always classic. Tightly woven rattan products are flexible and easy to design. The best part is that in winter, these materials are very light and easy to move or store, not to mention that the rattan can be applied to any color and design. When summer comes, gardens, courtyards, communities and leisure attractions will remind people to bring outdoor umbrellas. Outdoor parasols are not only used for gardens, courtyard parasols and rain protection, but also used to beautify bright-colored landscapes such as communities, resorts and hotels. Early outdoor furniture was mostly solid wood, rattan, plastic, alloy, inflatable, etc., each with its own characteristics. The biggest test facing outdoor furniture (outdoor furniture factory) is sun and rain, scorching heat and cold, but the moisture absorption and mothproof performance of solid wood and rattan is relatively poor. Therefore, most outdoor furniture currently uses the following three materials: iron sheet, stainless steel and teak, pure aluminum frame and PE rattan combination. The combination of pure aluminum frame and PE rattan is the most prominent visual effect and the most convenient movement. PE rattan is a fiber made of environmentally friendly materials. After repeated tests, it has strong anti-ultraviolet ability and is not easy to fade. Even in the sea, it is fresh in the sun. In addition, environmental protection has been taken into consideration in every link from production to consumption. The fiber is not saturated by oil and colored substances and is easy to handle. Very bright after washing. Outdoor furniture has simple shapes, lightweight materials and rich colors, giving people a clear feeling. The colors of green, bright white and original wood grain are very popular among young people. The latest outdoor furniture has begun to use aesthetic principles, so that the furniture of the system is unified in terms of modeling style, main color and physical composition. For example, returning to the original hand-knitting is full of joy and vitality of nature. In addition, outdoor furniture is not limited by space and has no specific details, but visual impact is definitely one of the most important features of outdoor furniture. The outdoor furniture seen from the Expo, except for some design styles that extend to indoor furniture, most of the design is carried out in the air, with the theme of streamline, arc, leaves, boats, flowers, etc. Kind of feeling close to nature. Its design principle is based on the curve of the human body and its own material characteristics. It emphasizes the fluency and rhythm of the overall shape, giving people the temptation of beauty such as poetry and painting. Happy life is not only a way of life, but also a natural, healthy, and elegant attitude to life. Environmental protection and health are important parts of it. People in modern cities are paying more and more attention to a healthy lifestyle. This is a good choice for rural life. When you arrange some creative outdoor furniture at home, you can create a unique outdoor effect in a small space.
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