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Outdoor furniture to create a 'leisure space'

by:Modern Century     2021-08-18
Everyone dreams of outdoor garden life, blooming flowers, Zen simplicity, quiet relaxation and so on. Therefore, a parasol, a few outdoor chairs, a cup of tea, and outdoor leisure life in the afternoon sun have become the yearning of all urbanites, and the outdoor leisure area has also become a way of life that guides romantic feelings. Living in the direction of high-quality development, the catering problem has become more refined and comfortable, but we can find that the farther away from nature, the mature garden corporate culture is also submerged in the high-rise buildings of Chinese cities. The creation and enjoyment of outdoor living development space in our country is far lower than that of European and American 'sunshine garden' countries. But American outdoor landscape design lacks a long history and culture. Under the pressure of fast-paced life, return to the original flavor, return to the outdoor space close to nature, and relax. Outdoor furniture has always been an indispensable category in the furniture industry, and its scope of use is also quite special. In a narrow sense, outdoor furniture is a kind of leisure furniture that can be placed outdoors for a long time. Mainly used in courtyards, villages, villas or community public facilities. Among the current mainstream outdoor leisure residential products, the main products are courtyard and courtyard space products, including swings, pavilions, outdoor tables and chairs, etc.
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