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Outdoor leisure furniture, can comfort life

by:Modern Century     2021-08-08
Life is a long journey! With laughter, bitterness, sweetness, and sweetness, you can only know the scenery and your personal feelings on the road after walking, and then you can better welcome the next trip. If life is a long journey again and again, then we should not have too much burden; in order to walk lightly on the road, we must abandon those unnecessary loads, so that we can pack lightly. And, when you feel tired, put down your luggage and rest. If life is one journey after another, we should appreciate different scenery in different time and space. If the spring flowers are gorgeous, the autumn moon is bright, and if the summer is full of flowers, the winter snow is shining; or the sky of the desert is filled with clouds and the clouds, or the rivers, blue sea and green mountains... There is never a lack of beautiful scenery outside the window, but different moods see different scenery . 'If the heart does not have a place to inhabit, it will be wandering wherever it goes.' All journeys are nothing more than journeys of the heart, and all scenery is just to soothe our hearts. If calmness and calmness are the only way to appreciate the beauty in front of you, then profoundness and wisdom will allow you to perceive the scenery deeper in your travels. Life is like this. In the day-to-day dullness and calmness, the days seem monotonous and boring; the contradictions and troubles caused by the complicated personnel are overwhelming; and the desires and temptations that will swallow our souls, always Will push us to the brink of collapse. So we have a feeling of boredom and escape; we have the urge to escape the siege built by ourselves, and want to chase the unreachable sunshine and freedom outside. However, when we were really caught in the turbulent waves and whirlpools caused by restlessness, we discovered that what we miss most and deserve to be possessed are the most dull and peaceful years. And what really comforts us is only that chair, a pot of tea, a touch of scholarship, and a book.
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