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Outdoor leisure furniture sales are booming

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
Outdoor furniture made of natural materials is favored.

   Outdoor swing rattan-like outdoor tables and chairs sales are also booming

Pruning flowers and plants, planting vegetables, swinging, or drinking tea and chatting with friends in the courtyard to enjoy the rural life. In the past, this was the patent of villa owners. Now citizens living in high-rise buildings can also enjoy this kind of leisure and comfort. Life does not require a large space. A hanging basket or a deck chair can add a leisurely atmosphere of rural life to the home’s terraces, balconies and home gardens.

   Citizens yearn for outdoor leisure life

In recent years, the yearning for rural life has become a fashion in urban life. Developers have also seized the opportunity, or used terraces and gardens as gimmicks, packaging the top and first floors that were originally the most difficult to sell into popular goods; Or turn balconies and entrance gardens into recreational areas to attract home buyers.

Foshan Yuejia Wicker Chair

The reporter visited and found that more and more citizens love outdoor furniture. Not only citizens with large terraces and gardens have purchased outdoor furniture, but citizens with houses with gardens have also created an outdoor living space. Of course, outdoor furniture is indispensable; More citizens decorate their balcony as a leisure area and enjoy the semi-open outdoor life.

  Industry insiders pointed out that with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more citizens yearn for outdoor leisure life, and outdoor furniture has become an essential household item for many families.

  The number of merchants specializing in outdoor furniture increased

When visiting the city, the reporter found that the sales volume of outdoor furniture in the city has been rising. In the past, outdoor furniture that was rarely sold in our city has sprung up in recent years, and many furniture stores and building materials stores have entered. Merchants specializing in outdoor furniture.

   In Guanghui Furniture cbd, the reporter found that the garden street is being decorated and arranged, and the selected location is very good. In the middle of the two halls a and b, customers can park their cars and pass through this street to enter the ab venue. Ms. Shi, a shipwood furniture dealer who has been operating here for many years, revealed that shipwood furniture is one of the most popular outdoor furniture products by consumers, and the sales volume has been good in recent years.

  In Wanshi City, a display area for outdoor furniture products is also arranged between halls a and b, and the small-scale real-life garden has attracted many customers. According to the owner of the store, the outdoor furniture sales of the store have been rising steadily for several years.

   In Guoanju, there is also a merchant specializing in outdoor furniture and garden decoration on the first floor. Similarly, building materials stores that have been operating for many years in Tai'anju and Liyuanju have outdoor furniture on sale.

  Natural outdoor furniture becomes the mainstream

As outdoor space plays an increasingly important role in home life, its decorative styles are showing a diversified development trend. Outdoor furniture has more choices in brands, styles, materials and types. From the past, only There are many outdoor chairs, tables and chairs, coffee tables, sofas, pavilions, swings and flower stands are all available in recent years.

   At Ms. Liu's house, there is a very large terrace. In order to make good use of it, Ms. Liu has put a lot of thought into it. When you come to Ms. Liu's house, almost everyone will be attracted by the terrace garden of her house, the classical-style hexagonal pavilion, small bridges and flowing water, boat wooden tea table, and leisurely rocking chairs. “The pavilions and flower stands are made of Pinus sylvestris anticorrosive wood, and the tea table is made of old boat wood. It is not afraid of drying or water.” Ms. Liu said.

The reporter found that among outdoor furniture products, although traditional materials such as rattan, plastic, metal, anticorrosive wood, boat wood, stone and other outdoor furniture products have been selling well, wood, bamboo, and rattan furniture with strong natural flavors are more popular. Consumers favor it and become the mainstream of the market. Many furniture manufacturers also use pe materials to produce imitation wood, bamboo, and rattan furniture. These materials have good anti-corrosion and moisture-proof effects and can be used outdoors for a long time.

Rattan chair

   Pay attention to the waterproof and anticorrosive performance of outdoor furniture

   A small balcony, a few lounge chairs in the summer evening, a few drinks to cool down the heat, and a family chat in the breeze, what a pleasant thing! But Xiao Li, who lives in Jinshan Lake, forcibly stuffed a set of marble benches on his small balcony about 5 square meters, which seemed very crowded. However, the small balcony of Mr. Liu's home is appropriately arranged. Several high and low bar chairs can be placed aside when not in use to save space.

  Many owners often only pay attention to price and materials when purchasing outdoor furniture, but ignore its coordination and practicality. Professionals pointed out that as a kind of leisure furniture, outdoor furniture has many types and styles. For different outdoor spaces and styles, matching with suitable outdoor furniture can highlight the individualization of home leisure life.

  The industry believes that when choosing outdoor furniture, it is important to consider the price and function, but also consider whether the material is suitable for the surrounding environment, and whether the type and style are in harmony with the decoration style. Outdoor furniture is generally placed outdoors, so it must withstand the wind and rain. In addition to looking at the appearance, pay more attention to the material when purchasing. At present, in outdoor furniture, products with special waterproof and anti-corrosion treatments can be placed outside for a long time, such as anti-corrosion wood, boat wood and some metal products; and most outdoor furniture made of wood or rattan can be easily damaged when placed outdoors for a long time.
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