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Outdoor parasols|The magic weapon for restaurants

by:Modern Century     2021-08-08
Outside the restaurant, we often see umbrellas. People's first impression of a store is often from it. So, in addition to the important task of the facade, does the parasol also make a practical contribution to promoting consumption? Between an ordinary parasol and a high-quality parasol, what choice should a restaurant make? First, parasols are vital to the image of the store! Second, a good umbrella surface must not fade! Third, the faded umbrella seriously affects the consumer experience! Fourth, a good umbrella can bring repeat customers! In response to this, ICW China, a PR leader in the domestic B2B field, conducted a survey and came to the following conclusion: When you are running a quality restaurant, having a beautiful and decent umbrella will improve The temperament of the restaurant will definitely be a big plus. Choose the right high-performance fabrics to create an elegant and comfortable outdoor space for consumers, don’t worry about them not coming back! The cushions of Modern Century leisure furniture sofas, tables, chairs, recliners and other products are made by Sunbrella, which are not only waterproof, but also have good air permeability, UV radiation, and easy cleaning.
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