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Over recent years it has become increasingly popular

by:Modern Century     2021-03-13

Here at Race we are able to work with all church facility stakeholders, including community groups, church parishes and architect in ensuring that the specification of the stacking chair and Stackable chairs meet functional, comfort and aesthetic requirements of the venue.

At Horsley church it was felt that a beech wooden seat and backrest would be the most appropriate finish to compliment this historical interior. Race worked with both the church architect and the church parish council over a 6 month period in developing the specification supplying a selection of sample stacking chairs that could be evaluated by the committee.

The Stanway 3 wooden stacking chair is available in a wide range of timber veneered finished including Ash, Oak and beech. The chrome finish can either be brushed or polished. We are able to supply accessories such as a chair linking, prayer book holders and labelling.

An armchair version is also available. All of Race's stacking chairs are manufactured in the UK in our factory here in Gloucestershire and come with a 5 year warranty.

The Race Collection of stacking chairs and stackable chairs brings together the very best in British chair design and manufacturing for your venue.

All our products are manufactured to the very highest British standards for strength and durability and come with a 5 year warranty

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