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Parasols, outdoor tables and chairs | When the umbrella is opened, the tables and chairs are set, leisure time is here

by:Modern Century     2021-07-22
The courtyard life in the hot summer is nothing more than a set of rattan sofas, a glass of cold orange juice, and a group of friends talking about the world and the earth. So happy! Exquisite outdoor tables, chairs and parasols are indispensable for elegant courtyard or terrace living. Exquisite outdoor tables and chairs are indispensable for elegant courtyard or terrace life. The more important point of creating an outdoor leisurely life is that the tables and chairs are in harmony with the surrounding environment. Whether it is cloud-like white, sea-like blue, or fresh and natural green and yellow, each color represents a different feeling. And mood. Rubber tables and chairs, rattan tables and chairs, cast aluminum furniture and solid wood are all 'props' for patio life. In summer life, the city is still a little impetuous. But at this moment, there are only plastic wooden tables and chairs placed in the middle of the terrace, sitting in a few pairs, and having a cup of tea. What's the fun? Aluminum alloy, PE, iron art and solid wood can all be used as materials for outdoor tables and chairs. But when it comes to comfort, many people will leave a good impression on the wicker chair basket. Nowadays, the wicker chair hanging basket, like a child lying in the arms and counting the stars, the scene of falling asleep in the puff fan that my mother has never seen can be repeated again. The rattan furniture should be said to be the darling of summer. The black nature makes the rattan furniture and the courtyard fit together appropriately. Its strong toughness, cool surface and natural color make rattan furniture an indispensable role in courtyard life. The styles of rattan outdoor tables and chairs are ever-changing. For example, the popular densely woven rattan tables and chairs are simple and comfortable. Some people regard the recliner as a more laid-back resting place outdoors. The recliner has the right curvature to make it more comfortable, and if you add a soft pillow, it will be even more comfortable. The beautiful and practical cast aluminum recliner is really another resting place in summer. Taking a nap under the dark green umbrella, this wonderful summer is hard to forget. The disadvantages of cast aluminum recliners and rattan recliners are that they are not resistant to dirt and easy to wash. Minimalism is also reflected in the design of outdoor tables and chairs, such as wooden outdoor chairs, which are just two simple boards, one sitting board and one backrest board. Another example is the low-profile design, that is to say, the functional size of the outdoor table and chair is the same as that of the sofa, becoming low and comfortable. Outdoor tables and chairs also use colors to create a cool feeling, giving people a cool feeling. Some people also specially equipped with red or light yellow umbrellas. The strong color collision style is to make the outdoor world richer and more exciting. Bakelite outdoor tables and chairs have simple lines, practical shapes and changeable styles, which are the major characteristics of bakelite outdoor tables and chairs, and it is also an important role in courtyard life. Because of its calmness and nature, it has become the preferred garden furniture for many owners. The combination of aluminum alloy and wooden strips creates a perfect curve. Put a few cushions and sit on it will bring you unexpected comfort. The overall design of bakelite furniture is designed according to ergonomics to make the sitting person very comfortable. Just a small bakelite strip can add a lot of color to the room. Outdoor leisure tables and chairs are now being used to block the sun, enjoy the shade of summer and block the scorching sun. If you want to have a shady summer, then you can create your own little world outside your home.
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