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Precautions for purchasing outdoor furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-07-28
When buying wooden outdoor furniture, pay attention to whether the furniture has undergone anti-corrosion treatment and whether the surface is coated with transparent paint, because paint treatment can improve the moisture resistance of the furniture. But whether it is painted or unpainted, consumers are best to apply transparent paint or anti-rust paint by themselves. Brush once every 2-3 months to extend the service life. In addition, although outdoor furniture has undergone anti-rust treatment of aluminum or wood, it is most afraid of external shocks. When the external paint peels off or cracks, water will penetrate, rust or mold; it should also be noted that plastic products are also very afraid of water. Pay attention to the choice of outdoor furniture The choice of outdoor furniture is not simple. In addition to styles, special attention should be paid to materials. Outdoor furniture that has been exposed for many years should be able to withstand the baptism of wind and rain. At the same time, it should be easy to take care of. Therefore, it is different from general indoor furniture in the choice of materials. If placed outdoors for a long time, it will inevitably be exposed to sunlight and wind. Therefore, you should be prepared for the deformation and discoloration of the furniture. Wood with high oil content is the best choice for wooden outdoor furniture. The wood is generally mainly fir, pine, teak, etc. Although the tenon and tenon furniture has the natural and structural beauty of the country, this can only be achieved through good technology. Outdoor furniture should use metal, aluminum or alloy coatings and waterproof treatment; if you choose bamboo and rattan outdoor furniture, it is best to depend on its specific use. In addition, there are plastic rattan outdoor furniture, which is not only cheaper than rattan, but also saves the trouble of rattan maintenance. Generally speaking, foldable outdoor furniture is more flexible and does not take up space. It is the first choice for modern families. When outdoor furniture is placed on the balcony, it is best to choose small and exquisite furniture to avoid overcrowding the balcony space.
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