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Putting together your baby's room can be one of

by:Modern Century     2021-03-31

Bear in mind that your child will only be a baby for a very short time, so go easy on the floor-to-ceiling pastel pink, bows or cute wallpaper. Your little one will very soon have his own tastes and opinions so it's best to go for baby room decorations that will be easy to change as your child grows.

Here are some baby room ideas:

Peel-off stickers are great for temporarily brightening up walls and can be changed quickly without having to redo the whole room.

Don't forget to look up! Your baby will spend a lot of his time lying on his back so make sure you give her something fun to gaze at.

A brightly-coloured mobile that attaches to the cot is a good choice for stimulating her senses.

Black and white pictures of shapes and patterns can be placed where they can be easily seen.

Invest in a blackout blind to block out the light - this will help to encourage good sleep habits.

Low-level lighting is ideal for night feeds and will make sure you don't crash into something when you're leaving the room after you've spent two hours getting her to sleep! A small table lamp rather than an overhead light will give a cosy glow at night, or you could invest in a dimmer switch so you can control how bright or dim the room is.

Storage. Always pick solid shelves or drawers that can't be pulled over by toddlers - or fix them to the walls. Baby clothes may look lovely on open shelves or rails, but chests of drawers and cupboards will keep them dust-free.

Add a chair. As you'll spend most of your time in the first few months feeding your baby, make sure you pick a chair that is really comfortable. Choose one that has arms and supports your back - your feet should always be flat on the floor.

Baby room decorations - Do's and Don'ts

DON'T strip paint if there's a chance it dates back to 1965 or earlier, as the lead in old paint could be harmful to your unborn baby. Stay well out of the way if someone else is stripping it, too.

DO make sure that all the paint you use is non-toxic.

DON'T ever climb up ladders when you're pregnant.

DO put new carpet down and paint the room at least three months before your baby's due to make sure that the nursery is fume-free.

DON'T forget to fix rugs down firmly to the floor and keep all flexes out of the way so you can't trip over them.

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