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Rattan Back Chair|New Product Preview~

by:Modern Century     2021-10-24
①The overall shape is beautiful, concise, refreshing and transparent through the combination of ash wood and rattan. ②Indonesian rattan is used on the surface of the Indonesian rattan. The color of the rattan is beautiful and breathable. The color of the rattan changes with the age of use. The combination of rattan and wood is a constant classic. The performance is stable and good, and it can be stored for hundreds of years. The surrounding layering of the rattan surface is a complete one-the rattan surface is beautiful and stable. ③Comfortable sitting feeling The natural softness of the rattan surface better fits the human body and increases the comfort. The seat cushion is processed by steam hot bending process into a curved sponge filled with comfort and does not deform and does not sit for a long time. ④The structure is stable and the legs are open, and the gravity is evenly distributed to the four stress points.
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