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Rattan furniture-a good rattan lounge chair looks like this~

by:Modern Century     2021-10-24
There is a middle-aged European rattan woven chair made in 1979. Even after many years, it is still intact and exudes a charming atmosphere. My favorite home furniture in my childhood was a rattan lounge chair. After years of use, the rattan became darker in color, with a dull luster, and the burrs were removed. The hand feels a bit cold but immediately warms it. It is the most common understanding of the word 'Wenrun' that I have always understood. The imprint that time leaves on the object is not only the age, but also a sense of practical use. A good chair can be used for many years. I hope it can find steadiness and warmth in it no matter how time goes by like a family member. Both the sitting surface and the back surface are woven with natural rattan, which is beautiful and breathable. With use, the color will become more and more attractive. Many classic European chairs in the 19th century are made of natural rattan surfaces, which are still intact after a hundred years. The rattan surface parts are made of very strong octagonal eyes, which also makes the whole chair very lightweight. The pressure strips around the rattan surface are complete--roots, and only one interface is reserved to make the rattan surface more beautiful. To match the curvature of the chair surface with a curved edge, it takes a master who has several decades of rattan weaving technology to complete. The natural and soft texture of the rattan surface can better fit the human body and make sitting more comfortable. The back of the chair is made of intact wood into an elegant waistline, and the inclination angle is obtained through repeated adjustments, so you can sit for a long time without getting tired. Wicker furniture
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