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Rattan furniture and rattan maintenance methods

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
Rattan is a solid, tough and elastic vine. The main family members used for weaving are bamboo rattan, white rattan and red rattan. Rattan is a kind of rattan often used to weave rattan furniture and utensils. It is called agate rattan. It is also known as the 'king of rattan'. Malaysia.
It not only has a beautiful surface, but also has a high degree of waterproof performance. Its structure is dense and flexible, and it is not easy to burst, so it is durable. Another rattan is red rattan, which has a large output and low price. It is generally used to make rattan racks. Rattan ornaments and other lower-level rattan utensils. In addition to weaving furniture and decorations, rattan chairs have two by-products that can also be used in rattan products. One is the rattan bark peeled from the stem, which can be used to weave reed products, and it can also be used as metal and rattan The decorative surface of the frame.
   Another by-product is the central part of the rattan, called the rattan core. As long as its diameter is reduced, wicker products can be woven. It will be used for decoration and support. The rattan core can also be used to make furniture such as chairs. Rattan materials generally need to be soaked in purple oil and coconut oil. If they are reused, the rattan utensils will not dry out and become moth-eaten for decades. Wicker chairs must be cleaned and maintained frequently to have a long service life. Usually, you should use a small brush to clean, or use a vacuum cleaner with a brush head to suck up, and then wipe the surface of the rattan with a soft damp cloth. Do not clean with thinner or chemicals, otherwise the utensils will fade.
  Relaxation, comfort, and coolness are the feelings of rattan chairs. In addition to the natural atmosphere of rattan furniture, rattan wood sofas add a delicate weaving and artistic enjoyment to other furniture. Therefore, rattan utensils are favored by more and more people. People in Dashu only know that rattan is good and very unique, but they know very little about the types of rattan and the maintenance of rattan.
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