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Rattan furniture can be used as crafts

by:Modern Century     2021-09-13
Rattan chairs and rush fans were once the most summery memories. After being left out in the cold for many years, in today's advocating of nature, rattan furniture has changed its appearance this summer and has once again moved to the forefront of fashion. The reporter visited a few days ago and found that while rattan furniture has become the new favorite of summer furniture stores, it has also become a trendsetting furniture fashion design in 2021. With the use of various furniture design elements, rattan, grass, and wood furniture has changed from the monotonous impression of the past, and the style has become More diverse. A series of bamboo and rattan furniture called 'HeavenAnother set called 'planet' designed the seat in the shape of a bird's nest. A piece of glass is placed on top of a few rattan balls to form a special coffee table. Such a wild design is not only stylish, but also A bit of alien atmosphere.   In the past, rattan furniture was mostly wood color, but now rattan furniture only has many colors of the rattan itself. Take the furniture made of twin rattan in southern Indonesia as an example. The rattan of this rattan is divided into two strands, one strand is brown and the other strand is gray. The fine rattan strands of different colors are woven together. The color changes can be seen It looks very delicate and chic. In addition to the neutral colors such as wood, gray, and brown of the rattan itself, the reporter also found some bright rattan furniture items on the market, such as grass green, red, bright yellow, etc., without losing the simplicity and nature. At the same time, it is a bit more lively and fresh.
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