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Rattan furniture: Cane chairs, rattan hanging

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
The biggest feeling of many people who have used rattan furniture is that the skin feels refreshed when sitting or lying on it. Bringing a cool touch to people in summer is a major feature of rattan furniture, and it will not feel cold when used in winter. Because it has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer, rattan products are very suitable for use in winter and summer. Comfortable.

   Rattan products have good moisture absorption and breathability, so use in summer is conducive to perspiration and breathability, without the stuffy feeling of leather and fabric furniture.

In rattan furniture, whether it is a hanging chair, a dining table, a rattan chair, or a hanging basket, there is no hard feeling when sitting on it, especially the back of the rattan chair. When leaning up, the back and the back of the chair fit well and are very comfortable. , This is determined by the tenacity of the rattan itself, so rattan furniture has a good sitting feeling and full of flexibility. Not only that, the general furniture continues to wear out over time, but the rattan furniture is wear-resistant and durable, and the more it is used, the brighter it is. The general rattan furniture can be used for 20 years without a problem.

   Natural materials are of course environmentally friendly

  Many furniture brands play environmentally friendly brands, but rattan furniture does not need to show environmentally friendly signs, and people will not doubt its environmental protection.

Rattan is a plant that grows in tropical and subtropical regions. The rattan furniture made of rattan bark and rattan branches, with the true colors of nature. No matter where it is placed in the home, it exudes a natural and simple atmosphere. If it is indoors Put a few more pieces of rattan furniture, and you can smell the scent of rattan. Rattan furniture is made of natural materials and of course environmentally friendly.

However, many consumers have the worries that rattan furniture is prone to insects. According to Ms. Hu Yahuan, a staff member of Modern Century, Dongguan, from picking rattan to making rattan products, it has to go through nearly a hundred processes. In addition to preserving the natural beauty of rattan, There are also multiple processes to protect rattan from moisture, insects, and moths.

   without losing fashion and modernity

   The people who use rattan furniture are mostly elderly people. This concept must be updated. Although the original colors of rattan products tend to be European and Chinese in shape, they never exclude the involvement of fashion elements. In the showroom, the reporter saw a set of rattan sofas with the shape of a swan head carved on the solid wood armrests. The staff, Ms. Hu, introduced to the reporter that this idea is based on the fairy tale of Swan Lake. Engraving the shape of the swan head on the facade of the sofa armrest can add fairy tale color to the sofa and make it more romantic.

   In addition, the combination of rattan, glass, cloth and other elements not only has strong practical functions, but also has a fashionable taste. Modern Century’s rattan dining table has a recess in the middle, which is inlaid with vine curled flowers. After a piece of glass is covered, the dining table is a little more modern, and the structure of the table top becomes the scenery under the glass plate, which is very delicate. . Modern Century’s rattan moon chair is matched with plaid cloth. The flexibility of the wicker chair combined with the softness of the cloth and the elasticity of breathable cotton make the comfort of this wicker chair not inferior to that of a leather sofa. At the same time, the plaid cloth conveys a strong feeling. The sense of fashion and modernity.

Ms. Hu from Modern Century said that the rattan furniture looks simple, but in fact there are many 'mysteries' hidden in it. The color fusion and contrast of each rattan furniture are very particular. The graceful curves of the rattan can also show a stronger sense of three-dimensionality. . Rattan furniture has become a representative of fashion.

  The key to purchase depends on the place of origin

   When purchasing rattan furniture, it is important to confirm the production area of ??rattan. The best vines in the world are produced in Indonesia, and the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia, South America and Africa are also rich in vines.

   The quality of the rattan itself can be observed from the appearance of the rattan in terms of its thickness, symmetry, and fullness. High-quality rattans are relatively thick, with longer lengths, larger distances between nodes, and the thickness of the rattan is relatively uniform, and there is no variegation in the color. Secondly, you can stick your fingers on the surface of the vine to feel whether the surface of the vine is rough or uneven. The surface of high-quality rattan should be fine and smooth. In addition, whether some of the combined parts of rattan furniture are meticulous and stable, all need to be carefully checked. Finally, furniture like rattan chairs, rattan sofas, rattan beds, etc., all need to personally feel whether their flexibility and comfort meet the requirements.

   No trouble cleaning and maintenance

  Many rattan furniture is woven by hand, and there are many small gaps on the surface, but it does not require a lot of effort to clean it. The easiest way is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the surface dust; be more careful, use a soft brush to remove the floating dust on the surface of the furniture, and then wipe it thoroughly with a damp cloth.

   Regarding the maintenance of rattan furniture, don't care too much in summer, because human body sweat itself is the best maintenance agent for rattan products. In the dry season, you can wipe the rattan furniture with light salt water to keep it gloss and flexibility.
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