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Rattan furniture, comfortable!

by:Modern Century     2021-09-19
This is cool, not the other cool. Ah! The mask hasn't been taken off yet, how come it's summer! Time flies so fast! The weather is so hot, what about Mayday in the world with a cool breeze? ! The body that is sticky at every turn can't help but crave coolness and dryness. It's time to take out the wicker chair and enjoy it. Among all the furniture materials, rattan is a very special one, which is both soft and solid. In order to deal with this untamed raw material, weaving has become the best choice. The ancient history of rattan crafts can be traced back to Egypt in 3000 BC. In China, rattan furniture appeared as early as the Tang and Song dynasties, and reached its peak in the Ming and Qing dynasties. There are many uses of rattan woven seating surfaces, and you can often see them in picture scrolls. The seating surfaces of Luohan beds, armchairs, and official hat chairs can all be woven rattan. Good rattan furniture is strong, light, tough, moth-proof and moisture-proof, and can last 50 years. 3000 years ago, the Egyptians used rattan and dried aquatic plants in the Nile to weave furniture. This well-preserved rattan chair in the museum is proof that rattan can withstand the test. The most important thing is that the rattan weave comes with natural environmental protection properties, which makes people feel at ease. It is said that the Dutch in the 17th century used rattan weaving technology on all furniture related to babies. They believe that the rattan weave is pure natural, breathable, soft and comfortable, and it is much cheaper than wooden furniture. The plasticity of rattan is very strong. In Victorian England in the 19th century, craftsmen used rattans to dent small tea tables with intricate shapes and intricate patterns for ladies to drink afternoon tea. Fujikimitsu can climb high as long as there is sunlight. Therefore, the high-quality production areas of rattan are located in tropical areas near the equator, such as Indonesia and Malaysia in Southeast Asia. However, the best rattan furniture craftsmanship is in Europe. Some rattan furniture studios in Europe are still using the oldest hand-made rattan technology. These studios are called atelier, not workshops or studios, just to emphasize the craftsmanship. Some people say, 'The power of rattan weaving is reflected in this contradictory and subtle setting. It is not an industrial product, but a durable and powerful school; it can withstand complicated and gorgeous shapes, but it is not sharp, but exudes. With an ancient and simple sense of comfort; natural flexibility creates different styles of shapes, which can be easily achieved between classic and modern. 'Returning to nature is the attitude of life advocated by modern urbanites. All handmade rattan furniture is fresh and natural, and the design style is elegant. Let everyone indulge in the natural atmosphere, and share the elegant home life from the leisure rattan chair. Wicker chair factory direct sales
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