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Rattan Furniture Factory Rattan Furniture Leads the New Fashion of Urban Home Furnishing

by:Modern Century     2021-09-15
Modern Century, a rattan furniture factory, said that the 'rattan' furniture after its redesign is leading a new round of fashion in urban home furnishings with its classic, natural and contemporary characteristics. Fashionable rattan furniture is warming up quietly. A set of sofas and coffee tables woven with red rattan are generous, delicate and smooth, showing the beauty of exquisite craftsmanship; small, simple and bright two-drawer table and lover table, with clear levels; scattered and precise The rattan wardrobes, multi-purpose cabinets, lamp holders, etc. are all admirable; the rattan rocking chair swings and sways, bringing you into a childhood dream... In the Modern Century store in the International Mercure Center, Jiachunqiu, Wenyi North Road, Dongguan City The reporter was attracted by the exquisite and elegant, bright and fresh, or witty rattan furniture in front of him. 'Unexpectedly, the current'rattan art' furniture can be made so exquisitely.' At a glance, the citizen Miss Liu saw the casual rocking chair, lying on it with a face full of intoxication, 'rattan furniture is more natural and simple. People living in the bustling and noisy city naturally find the feeling of spiritual comfort. '   Today's rattan furniture has got rid of a single, crude product image, and has been fashioned by designers. In terms of varieties, there are not only common rattan tables and chairs, sofas, coffee tables, but also rattan beds, rattan wardrobes, dressing tables, etc. The product categories cover almost all household items. The design is more artistic, using different bending and weaving techniques to produce different three-dimensional patterns to integrate different home decoration styles such as China, Europe, and Southeast Asia. In addition, in the choice of colors, the original color rattan furniture is more popular this year, which will be less restricted by the color of the room. It can be matched with any wallpaper and other room color elements. It can also be equipped with some bright color cushions such as apple green and orange. Or cloth decoration, the elegant and natural feeling is immediately apparent.
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