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Rattan furniture factory tells you why people favor rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-13
According to Dongguan Shuicao Rattan Furniture Factory, rattan furniture is the traditional furniture of our country, and its raw materials and technology sources have a long history. In recent years, rattan furniture has once again won people's favor with its unique shape and function, technology and material, value and practical high degree of unity. It has a strong attraction in the modern furniture market and is full of vitality vitality. Rattan furniture is elegant and flat, beautiful, close to nature, flexible, breathable, refreshing, comfortable and unique, ergonomic and has a high appreciation value, so it is favored by many friends, especially like this Fresh, natural and simple!    The best rattan is Indonesian rattan and natural rattan. Both of these rattans are natural and cannot be remanufactured. The selected rattan for rattan furniture is a vine plant that grows in tropical rainforest. It is light and tough, so it can weave a variety of artistic furniture. Its biggest feature is moisture absorption and heat absorption, ventilation, mothproof, and not easy to deform. The physical properties such as cracking and cracking can be equal to or exceed the middle and high-grade hard miscellaneous wood. In addition to real rattan furniture, rattan-like furniture developed with high technology is also very popular today, except for some aspects that cannot reach the level of real rattan furniture, other aspects of rattan-like furniture are almost the same as real rattan furniture, and rattan-like furniture is more suitable for use. .
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