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Rattan furniture has been quietly integrated into our lives

by:Modern Century     2021-09-08
Rattan furniture has been quietly integrated into our lives in recent years. With the improvement of people's consumption level and the change of consumption concept, people are paying more and more attention to the health and environmental protection of furniture. Especially after rattan furniture incorporates modern and superb design art, rattan furniture creates a simple and natural atmosphere for the whole home, and once again won people's favor with its high degree of unity of value and practicality. Common types of rattan furniture in the market Rattan furniture has the advantages of simple and elegant color, beautiful appearance, light structure, tough texture, simple and natural, etc. It is mostly used in terraces, gardens, tea rooms, study rooms, living rooms, etc. At present, the rattan furniture on the market is basically divided into the following categories: Outdoor rattan furniture: such as small round tables, back chairs, recliners, swing sofa armchairs and so on in gardens and verandas. Second, the maintenance of rattan furniture: 1. Due to the special selection of rattan furniture, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight to prevent the rattan from fading and drying. Long-term exposure will also be prone to deformation, bending and cracking. 2. Do not let rattan furniture close to the fire source to avoid accidents. 3. Due to the weaving method of rattan furniture, there are many places where dust is hidden on the surface. General cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner and then wiped with a damp cloth. You can also use a soft brush to wipe the dust from the inside out. Go, and then wipe it clean with a damp cloth, which should be a soft cloth. 4. The price of rattan furniture is different. After a period of use, it needs to be decontaminated with light salt water, and at the same time it can strengthen its flexibility; furniture renovation can be cleaned on the basis of sanding the rattan furniture. The frame, plus a layer of varnish protection, can be renewed. Nowadays, rattan art elements considered outdated and outdated have a new interpretation in modern design, becoming a natural, elegant, chic and high-end place. It incorporates modern flavor and fashionable charm, and brings a different feeling to life. . Or interweave with cloth, or collide with leather, and finally gradually precipitate more eye-catching designs. It can be self-contained and can be integrated with other styles. It can be used to make all kinds of furniture in our daily life, and some can even become works of art to embellish life.
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