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Rattan furniture is really beautiful!

by:Modern Century     2021-07-05
Rattan furniture is the most popular household item, and it is so popular that almost all furniture can be made of rattan.
Rattan Furniture
Large pieces of furniture such as rattan beds, rattan sideboards, rattan tables and chairs, small rattan items such as rattan trays, rattan bookends, rattan storage baskets, etc., and are suitable for kitchens, bedrooms, and porches, both classic and modern It can be simple or retro, with a gentle and calm temperament, it can be said to be very versatile.
The history of rattan weaving
The earliest craft of rattan weaving can be traced back to Egypt before 3000 AD. The Egyptians used rattan and aquatic plants to weave furniture. With the development of the times, rattan furniture with a wide variety of patterns appeared.
Such as diamond pattern, common square pattern, octagonal hole pattern, etc. Compared with rattan, rattan woven is more breathable, softer and more comfortable. Coupled with the maturity of the rattan weaving technology, as long as the rattan furniture is properly maintained, it can be used for many years.
Rattan Weaving Craft
The most popular rattan element at the moment is the octagonal woven texture called 'Cane Webbing'. This small hollow pattern is widely used in the decoration of chairs, headboards and storage cabinets, mostly Indonesian natural rattan.
This rattan texture was first applied to the Sonnet No. 14 chair in the 18th century. This chair was the first mass-produced chair in the world, and it is still classic and beautiful to this day.
Rattan elements
And the designers drew inspiration from this chair, introduced the rattan weave into the new, and designed many classic items.
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