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Rattan furniture manufacturer Modern Century introduces modern and fashionable rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-16
According to the rattan furniture manufacturer Modern Century, rattan furniture and wooden furniture are listed as the oldest furniture in the world. Rattan furniture mostly appears in the form of tables, tables, screens, chairs, and beds. Rattan furniture was first brought to Europe by European merchant ships in the 17th century. In our country, the development of rattan furniture has a long history. Since the Han Dynasty, people have begun to pay attention to the art design of rattan furniture, choosing rattan to make all kinds of furniture, and editing them into rattan furniture of various patterns and styles.   Rattan is a spiny palm climbing plant that grows in tropical forests. The rattan has a firm texture, strong toughness, and poor thermal conductivity. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is widely used in the manufacture of rattan furniture. Rattan has a biodegradable function and is a green household material designated by the World Environmental Protection Group. Rattan furniture is not only healthy and environmentally friendly, natural and fresh, but also has the characteristics of good air permeability, comfort and practicality.  Modern rattan furniture-rattan furniture   Rattan furniture is the latest development of rattan furniture in the past ten years. Rattan furniture pays attention to artistic creativity. For example, the rattan furniture brand 'Modern Century' has always been favored by the industry. The main types of rattan furniture are chairs and stools, sofas, coffee tables, and decorative frames, as well as other types, but the relative production quantity is very small. It is mostly used in family living rooms, tea rooms, coffee shops, hotels and other places. The main furniture products are mostly rattan cores. The furniture is full and full, full of visual tension, the sitting feeling is soft and hard, the furniture is smooth and rough, and the touch is cordial. The colors of rattan furniture are mostly natural, dark brown and coffee colors, or elegant, simple, or deep, creating a strong romantic feeling. With their unique melodious and melodious and free and easy, the perfect combination of practicality and function, it reflects the perfect combination of ' People-oriented' personality characteristics. The rattan wood furniture in the Fengge is mainly simple and lively, without losing the sense of pastoral realism, and absorbing the traditional style of classical solid wood furniture, classical and gorgeous.  Rattan furniture market is bright.   Rattan furniture shows great market competitiveness with its luxurious and elegant characteristics, and the price is relatively high. In the furniture structure, non-removable rattan wooden furniture accounts for the vast majority, and some are folding telescopic rattan furniture. The furniture that combines rattan with wood, bamboo lattice, glass, steel and other materials gives people a refreshing feeling and has a vivid and infectious power. Applicable rattan and wood furniture is practical and beautiful, and also has a certain living space. Shows the diversified and individual characteristics of rattan furniture.
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