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Rattan furniture manufacturer Modern Century introduces rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-09
Modern Century, a rattan furniture manufacturer, introduced: The weather is getting hotter and the scorching summer is coming. Every household in the city has air-conditioning. But the summer I miss most is when I went back to my hometown in the countryside during the summer vacation and lay on my grandmother’s rattan chair after dinner. , Fan the Pu fan to eat watermelon.   The summer on the rattan chair is like my hometown in my memory. If you and I have the same memories, maybe you are willing to put a few rattan furniture or rattan woven products at home.  The rattan furniture material has a strong natural flavor, a little rough and casual, but it has a clean texture. At first glance, it is 'story' furniture. Coupled with the warm yellow of the rattan itself, it can easily create a warm and comfortable home atmosphere.   The best rattans currently used in rattan furniture are all produced in Indonesia and are raised and harvested in places with plenty of sunshine and rain all year round. After collection, it needs to be quickly sent to the processing area for sterilization and air-drying before it can be used for furniture production.   Rattan is flexible and easy to bend, and its strength is enough to support the use of furniture in the structure. To extend the life of rattan furniture as much as possible, the key to maintenance is moisture-proof and ventilation.   The rattan will become soft and sag after absorbing water, and it is easy to breed mold. Pay attention to the cleaning of rattan furniture daily, wipe it with a damp kerchief and place it in a ventilated place. Remember not to expose it to the sun, otherwise the rattan will be easily damaged like you who have been exposed to the sun.
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