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Rattan furniture manufacturers explain the design and production process of PE rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-15
Modern Century, a rattan furniture manufacturer, said that with the improvement of people's living standards, mankind has requirements for environmental comfort. Of course, leisure furniture is also one of the indispensable outdoor facilities. We have seen various types of leisure furniture, but the most fashionable is PE rattan furniture. PE rattan furniture is widely used by designers in the environment. Designers should not only consider the coordination between leisure furniture and the environment, but also the durability. Today we invite Modern Century, a famous furniture, to introduce to us the design and production process of Modern CenturyPE rattan furniture.   First, the preliminary work needs to draw component drawings, and then enter the frame proofing of the modeling after grasping the overall proportion.   When making the PE rattan furniture frame, not only the appearance of the finished product must be considered, but also the firmness of the structure must be considered. We can't just pursue the beauty of its appearance and ignore the firmness of the structure.   Second, the frame of PE rattan furniture and the selection of PE rattan.  The frame of PE rattan furniture is made of aluminum alloy with a thickness of 1.2mm or more according to the industry standard. Some manufacturers use thin aluminum alloy or iron frame in order to reduce the cost. Too thin aluminum alloy tube will affect the later weaving and cause the deformation of the frame. When the iron pipe is made, rust will occur after the product is put into use, which will cause the frame to collapse, which will affect the service life. The choice of rattan is also important. We need to choose PE rattan made of new PE material.   Third, the welding of the frame and the polishing of the welding port.  The welding of the aluminum frame needs to be welded in all directions, and the pipe and the pipe interface need to be flat and tight. Welding joints will inevitably appear higher than the pipe position when welding, we need to polish and smooth so as not to affect the smoothness of the later weaving rattan.   Fourth, the frame shaping and spraying high-temperature baking paint.   The shaping of the aluminum alloy frame is also an important process. Generally, the shaping needs to be placed on a horizontal tempered glass table. Correct the non-parallelism and asymmetry of the shelf through plastic surgery. Many people ask why aluminum alloy frames do not rust, why do they need to be sprayed with high-temperature baking varnish? Spraying high-temperature baking varnish is to confirm the color of the shelf according to the color of different rattans. The purpose of spraying high-temperature baking varnish is to unify the color of the rack and the rattan, because the woven rattan has gaps from different angles. When the aluminum-white aluminum alloy frame is different from the rattan, it will affect the appearance of the product.   Fifth, the weaving of PE rattan and the installation of accessories.   When weaving rattan, we need to achieve the four basic elements of density, tightness, firmness and flatness. Too loose, too loose rattan will affect the service life of later products. The unevenness of the rattan surface mainly affects the aesthetics and the comfort of use.
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