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Rattan furniture means that in the north, rattan furniture will not break due to drying

by:Modern Century     2021-09-18
According to Modern Century, rattan furniture, rattan growth is common in southern my country. For this reason, most southerners love rattan. In the north, due to the environmental and climate constraints, most customers will think that the weather in the north is dry, and rattan furniture may easily cause cracks and be eaten by insects in a dry environment. So, is it that rattan furniture is not suitable for the northern market?    From the perspective of the production process of rattan furniture, a few years ago, due to the rough manufacturing and low craftsmanship of many manufacturers, and the production of rattan furniture at that time was made of southern China The growing rattan, so some rattan furniture will appear unsuitable for the northern environment.   But now, most rattan furniture uses rattan imported from Indonesia. This rattan is essentially different from the rattan grown in southern my country. The rattan grown in southern my country belongs to the herbaceous family, and the rattan grown in Indonesia belongs to the woody family. Indonesia is located in the equatorial tropical rain forest, with abundant sunshine and rain all year round, and fertile volcanic ash soil. The vines grown in this environment are stronger, durable, and adaptable to climate and environmental changes. Because of the abundant rain and the low sugar content of the vine, it is not easy to be eaten by insects.  While the selection of materials is excellent, the improvement of the production process has also made the flexibility of rattan furniture stronger and the ability to prevent moths improved. Therefore, the current rattan furniture, unless people deliberately destroy it, it is generally impossible to break.   In summary, rattan furniture is suitable for both north and south. After all, now that the technology is advanced and the craftsmanship is exquisite, there will be no breakage of rattan furniture due to dry weather. Of course, the premise is that the rattan furniture must be properly maintained!
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