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Rattan furniture Modern Century introduces the moisture-proof method of rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-18
According to Modern Century, rattan furniture can absorb a certain amount of water, but if it absorbs excessive water, it will become soft, loose in structure, and sag. The advantage of   rattan furniture is that after drying, it will return to its original shape and size.   Symptoms: It is prone to deformation. Some rattan furniture is porous and easy to breed bugs. There are many ways to prevent moisture and dehumidification, which can effectively improve the overall humid environment of the home. These moisture-proof and dehumidification methods are effortless to do, and are suitable for busy people to deal with the damp 'return to the south'. (The following method depends on the weather environment, personal living room conditions, etc.)    Magic method one: Take precautions first. It’s rare that the sun is shining these days, and I don’t take this opportunity to take all the “wet” rattan furniture in the home to the sun. The best way to prevent moisture and dehumidification is to take precautions first, and sunlight is the most environmentally friendly and effective fungicide.   The second method: close the windows in the morning and evening when the damp 'return to southern sky' strikes, you must remember to keep your home tightly closed The windows, especially the windows facing south and southeast, do not give any chance to infiltrate the moisture that is eye-catching outside the windows. The most important time to prevent moisture is the morning and evening of each day. The air humidity during these two periods is higher than that in the afternoon. If the doors and windows are not closed in time, water vapor will penetrate into every corner of the home. In addition, if you feel that the doors and windows are closed so that indoor air cannot circulate, it is recommended that you open the windows for a short time at noon for ventilation.   Magic Method 3: Instrumental method    moisture-proof and dehumidification can also use technological means to mobilize all dehumidifying appliances in the home to reduce the indoor air humidity. Nowadays, air conditioners used in general households have the function of dehumidification. However, using air conditioners to adjust indoor air humidity is slower, usually takes two or three hours, and makes people indoors feel cold. If you are not satisfied with the dehumidification effect of the air conditioner, you might as well buy a dedicated dehumidifier at the store, which will take effect quickly but consume relatively large power. In addition, the heaters people use for heating in winter can also alleviate the humidity condition of the room to a certain extent, but the effective radiation range of the heaters is small and cannot achieve an immediate dehumidification effect.  Magic method 4: Hang a desiccant   Nowadays, there are many desiccants dedicated to moisture-proof and dehumidification in supermarkets. The most common are the two types of absorbent boxes and dehumidifying bags. Such as moisture absorption boxes, the most common moisture absorption products on the market, generally contain calcium chloride particles as the main content, and most of them also add flavor components, which can integrate dehumidification, fragrance, anti-mold, deodorization and other functions. It is suitable for placing Living room, room, bathroom, kitchen and other large spaces in daily life. When used for a period of time, the material in the absorbent box can be taken out, and bulk desiccant can be purchased and put into the box for reuse; the principle of the absorbent bag is similar to that of the absorbent box. It is mostly used in sealed spaces. The content is mainly water-absorbent resin. After absorbing water, it becomes jelly-like and is not easy to break into pieces. It can be widely used for moisture absorption in clothing, electrical appliances, etc., and the effect is better.   Magic Method Five: Lime Moisture Absorption Method.   Lime is a good and simple adsorbent. 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of moisture in the air. The quicklime can be wrapped in cloth or sack and placed everywhere in the room to keep the indoor air dry.   Magic Method 6: Indoor heating method.   Burn a pot of charcoal fire or put it on a stove in the room where the humidity is returned to increase the temperature in the room so that water vapor cannot condense, thereby reducing the indoor humidity. This must pay attention to ventilation, otherwise the consequences will be serious.   In addition, dehumidification bags made of water-absorbent resin and charcoal are more suitable to be placed in small spaces, such as closets, shoe cabinets and other closed spaces where you can hang a bag of dehumidification bags to expel moisture.
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