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Rattan furniture rattan furniture custom wholesale

by:Modern Century     2021-09-12
Rattan Furniture Co., Ltd. rattan furniture custom-made supply wholesale. The rattan furniture in the rattan furniture experience hall is carefully woven by hand. The internal frame is a wooden bracket. The materials are all insect-proof and anti-corrosion treatments. The surface coating is specially designed for outdoor use and has the characteristics of mildew, mothproof and environmental protection. Scope of application: Rattan furniture is suitable for families, villas, lounges, bars, coffee houses, hotels, terraces, balconies, resorts, outdoor recreation areas, company recreation areas and other environments.  Rattan wood furniture is very durable; the product structure is stable, beautiful in appearance, fashionable, elegant, unique in style, finely made, and novel in style, making its surface smooth, delicate and durable. The flexibility and plasticity of the product, coupled with the embellishment of modern craftsmanship, make the products made of moderate hardness, comfortable and smooth, unique taste, and great artistic appreciation value, making the pastoral atmosphere of nature and modern life style ingeniously combined. Fully cater to the fashion taste of modern people. Rattan furniture in the rattan furniture factory has various forms, but there are some commonly used forms in some parts of the furniture frame. In chairs and sofa furniture, the common forms of the frame are: backrest, armrest, front two legs and feet integrated, backrest, The armrests are integrated, the armrests, the front legs and the feet are integrated, etc., thus forming a colorful and sofa-like furniture, making full use of the flexibility of rattan to show the artistic charm of rattan furniture. The frame of rattan furniture is full and full of visual tension, or the lines are smooth and light. Wicker chair factory direct sales
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