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Rattan woven balcony tables and chairs show Nordic fashion style

by:Modern Century     2021-08-02
The so-called Nordic design style mainly refers to the interior design and furniture design styles of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland in the four northern European countries; and the characteristics of the Nordic style in interior design are mainly reflected in: focusing on function, pursuing rationality, paying attention to simple and clear colors, and elegant Refreshing natural material, smooth lines, no sculpting. To create a Nordic style, the first important point is lighting. Use large windows to bring the best view and natural light sources into the room. Illuminate the rattan tables and chairs to add the smell of sunlight to the room. Nordic style furniture mostly emphasizes raw wood and other materials, and pays attention to the variety of permutations and combinations. Common materials include logs, rattan, bamboo and so on. The rattan woven tables and chairs of Modern Century Cloud Dreamland, the latest product combining solid wood and rattan, can better reflect the Nordic style. In addition to the natural and comfortable vision, the Nordic style requires extra-large, super-wide and super-comfortable furniture, such as beds, sofas, etc., hoping to create an environment where the owner will not get tired of staying at home for a long time. White furniture is definitely the representative of the Nordic style, but improper use will be monotonous. In order to avoid this embarrassment, bright elements can be used to adjust, so as to bring out the freshness of the space, such as partial walls, partial home furnishings, and furnishings. color. The dark-colored balcony tables and chairs will not show monotony, and the embarrassing scene will be easily solved. The white floor and rattan chairs are an inevitable combination of Nordic style, and the simple and low-profile furnishings can relieve the busy urban life at any time.
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