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Real rattan furniture or imitation rattan furniture which is better

by:Modern Century     2021-09-05
Dongguan Wicker Chair Factory will give a brief introduction to the two. Rattan-like furniture generally uses PVC and PE. These rattan-like furniture, because they have the characteristics of other materials, such as 'rattan-like furnitureIt saves the trouble of needing maintenance for real rattan chairs. Once these rattan-like furniture appeared, they attracted people’s attention. Nowadays, rattan-like furniture has occupied a place in large-scale furniture exhibitions. It not only meets the market demand in different climate regions, but also proves that designers and manufacturers are The exploration of furniture materials continues to deepen. Rattan-like furniture has very good flexibility, good color stability, long-term color retention, easy cleaning, and environmental protection. It does not matter whether it is placed outdoors or indoors, whether it is in rainy weather, or when it is hot or cold, it is no problem to put it outdoors. Whether it is used at home or at home, it is suitable. It occupies a small area and can be stacked, which saves space. Real rattan furniture   The material of natural rattan furniture is natural in the forest without any industrial pollution. Real rattan rattan chairs, rattan sofas, etc. Rattan furniture is generally only suitable for indoor use. The natural wicker chair has excellent air permeability, absorbs sweat and wicks moisture, and has a health care effect on the body after long-term use. Natural rattan has a more rustic style, and things made by real rattan are relatively expensive. Because the vine itself is a natural wild plant, there will always be some spots and lines on the surface of the vine bark. The waxing oil and protective paint have been applied before leaving the factory. It is relatively smooth, but it cannot be like metal or chemical synthetic plates. Such industrial machinery products are as smooth, and I hope that all buyers will understand this. In fact, many friends who like rattan products just like this fresh, natural and simple feeling!    Rattan products are the most environmentally friendly products, free from local and seasonal restrictions, warm in winter and cool in summer. Toughness, mothproof, moisture-proof, durable, the more you use it, the more beautiful, home green products, the more you use, the more beautiful, the more you use, the more shiny!
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