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Recommended garden tables and chairs for all kinds of materials for garden life

by:Modern Century     2021-08-01
The courtyard is a place for people to relax and entertain after a meal. The focal point of the entertainment space is naturally the tables and chairs in the courtyard. The choice of courtyard tables and chairs is a lot of fun for you in leisure and entertainment. Different from small games in small indoor spaces. Scenery, people and things will be enjoyed or enjoyed in a quiet environment. To entertain guests in the courtyard, a large dining table is indispensable. Of course, it is necessary to prepare chairs that match the dining table. These chairs must make people feel comfortable when eating, and they must be easy to move. If the place permits, you can also put two deck chairs. It is also a good arrangement to put a bench in a quiet corner.. Compared with the balcony, the balcony furniture should be small and exquisite. One table with four chairs, one table with two chairs or one table with one chair is convenient for shrinking and Carry, not take up space. For small-sized families, you can also enjoy the fun of leisure life. Ask a friend to drink tea and chat on the balcony, and share the happiness gained from it with friends. The style of the tables and chairs should be selected by yourself. The materials can be rattan, wooden, metal, or synthetic. As the tables and chairs in the courtyard are exposed to the outside for a long time, the sun and the rain, the temperature fluctuates, so no matter what The materials must ensure that they are not easily deformed or corroded.. Wooden tables and chairs should be coated with a layer of teak oil in the early summer and late summer to moisturize and protect the wood. The painted tables and chairs also look beautiful and gorgeous; with different Plants, barriers and parasols can be of various styles. Iron and steel will rust and are difficult to take care of. Galvanized products can only be placed outdoors after processing. Cast aluminum tables and chairs are processed through 12 passes. Hand-painted and 72 high-temperature baking paint, precision processing, no rust, no paint drop. Romantic and lightweight mesh tables and chairs with that design are also a good choice. Rattan-like tables and chairs often use aluminum alloy or stainless steel as the main material of the frame. The frame is not only related to the artistry of the overall shape of the furniture, but also whether the structure is reasonable or not. Affect the stability and durability of the product, so various factors need to be considered comprehensively when designing. The reason why rattan garden leisure tables and chairs have a natural, simple, fresh and elegant style is that on the one hand, it is determined by the unique material characteristics of rattan. On the other hand, the rich surface weaving method of rattan furniture also adds a lot of color to the furniture. It is an important means to show the artistic power. In the surface weaving of rattan furniture, pattern patterns are indispensable, and the types of surface patterns are extremely rich. The patterns are beautiful, fresh, rigorous and generous, creating a strong natural style. Multiple weaving methods are used in combination, the patterns are flexible and changeable, the virtual and the reality are mixed, the density is combined, and the patchwork is very artistic. With the continuous changes in people’s lifestyles, the open balconies in many new buildings have been increasing in size. People can carry out various gardening activities on the balconies. The garden has become a borrowed view of the indoor space as well as a recreation for people. It provides a comfortable place for entertaining and admiring the natural scenery of the outside world. In this process, natural, casual and romantic rattan-like leisure tables and chairs and soft furniture began to become the focus of people’s attention. The rich and novel rattan leisure furniture naturally found new uses and was widely used in the design of balcony spaces. In this, people can experience a kind of leisurely artistic conception of 'sitting quietly in front of the court, watching the clouds and the clouds' at home.
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