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Seven categories of outdoor umbrellas to meet the needs of different venues

by:Modern Century     2021-08-05
In the hot summer, the most commonly seen outdoor umbrellas are parasols. Everywhere you see these parasols, we all know one of the major characteristics of outdoor parasols. Large, the smallest umbrella surface is 2 meters wide and more than 2 meters high. . However, such a sunshade must have a base to support the entire umbrella to shade and prop up a shady place. 1. Center-pillar Umbrellas Center-pillar umbrellas can be divided into center-pillar aluminum umbrellas, center-pillar wooden umbrellas, hand-cranked umbrellas, hand-push umbrellas, etc.; center-pillar umbrellas are usually inserted in the middle of the table, so this kind of umbrella takes up more space Small, suitable for small courtyards, balconies, etc. 2. Banana Umbrella Banana umbrella is named after its shape is like banana. Banana umbrella is also a kind of side pillar umbrella. The area under the umbrella is wide, and tables and chairs can be placed at will. The biggest feature of banana umbrella is its elegant appearance. In casual occasions, people often call it a side hanging umbrella. It has a wide range of applications. Our company has two banana umbrellas, A-SD275 is 2.7 meters in diameter and A-SD275L is 3 meters in diameter. People often ask about the difference between the two. where? The difference lies in the handle of the umbrella. The handle of A-SD275 can be pushed up by the handle, and then the triangle bracket is directly pushed forward and upward, and then the umbrella is gently opened by the hand crank. Its principle is through the bracket. The pulley principle is to support the umbrella in the air, but you need to remind consumers that if you buy a banana umbrella, you must consider the wind in your environment. If the wind is relatively large, we do not recommend you to use this umbrella , So be sure to consider the size of the wind when buying this umbrella! On the other hand, A-SD275L uses the fixing nut at the handle of the umbrella to gently push the handle holder up on the original basis, which saves a tedious process so that you can easily open it. The material is made of aluminum alloy. It is placed outdoors for a long time, and the improvement of the handle of the umbrella makes the balance of the umbrella higher. 3. Unilateral Umbrella (Sentinel Umbrella) The unilateral umbrella is a milestone in the history of the development of parasols. The umbrella pole of the parasol has been moved from the traditional middle to the side. In this way, it has 100% space utilization. It avoids the trouble and embarrassment of perforating the traditional parasol on the table during use. The frame of the single-sided umbrella is generally made of hard aluminum alloy. The precision-designed transmission mechanism and pulley system can be easily opened and closed by one person, and the operation is simple and convenient. It has strong wind resistance, and the umbrella formed by the venting port has an umbrella, which is beautiful and beautiful. It is matched with the umbrella base and can withstand winds below grade 4-5. The main body and the seat are separated in design, and the two can be easily separated or combined without any tools, and it is very easy to move and carry. Strong aging resistance. Single-sided umbrellas are most commonly used in guard posts, and they are also called sentry umbrellas. Because of the large space under its umbrella, the guard standing under it can receive all-round protection. Many scenic spots also use this side pillar umbrella as a tool for people to enjoy the shade, which can often be seen in parks and communities. Fourth, the rotating umbrella (Roman umbrella) The Roman umbrella is the most powerful outdoor parasol. It can rotate one circle in the horizontal direction or tilt 90 degrees in the vertical direction. Shading with Roman umbrellas is the most creative and casual way of shading in the Chinese market. The area under the umbrella is wide, and outdoor furniture can be placed casually; the direction of the umbrella surface can be rotated freely, and the sun can be blocked at will. Compared with other umbrellas, the Roman umbrella has better shading effect and more convenient operation. The Roman umbrella is controlled by the handle to rotate and lift, which saves effort and worry. The umbrella head of the rotating umbrella can be rotated, it can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally, or it can be raised and lowered at a vertical angle of 90 degrees, and the sunshade function is extremely powerful. The rotating umbrella has a stable structure and high wind and rain resistance. It is the highest performance and quality outdoor umbrella. The umbrella cloth of Modern Century's outdoor revolving umbrella is coated with pu coating, and the joint gaps are treated with waterproofing, breaking the tradition that parasols cannot be rainproof in the past. Aluminum alloy thickened and widened umbrella ribs, aluminum armrest shell, longer and stronger outdoor use. Suitable for many outdoor places. 5. Double-headed rotating umbrella The double-headed rotating umbrella is an improvement of the rotating umbrella. Two umbrella heads are bound to the same umbrella column. The advantage of this is that the overall stability is very strong and the shading area is large. A set of operating system controls two umbrella heads, which saves manpower in operation and saves materials in the overall structure. Sixth, the opening, closing and lifting of the electric umbrella can be operated by a matching electric system. There is a solar cell on the umbrella head of the electric umbrella, which can collect sunlight and convert it into electric energy. At the same time, it is equipped with a dry battery to prevent insufficient electric energy when the sun is not strong enough. Seven, the biggest feature of the sky umbrella is the tall, the diameter of the round sky umbrella is 7 meters, the umbrella height is 4.56 meters; the side length of the square sky umbrella is 5 meters. The Sky Umbrella is tall and mighty in appearance, but it requires the cooperation of many people when it is erected. In order to prevent the attack of strong wind, it is generally placed in some sheltered places to shade. Modern Century not only provides fashionable and high-quality products, but also provides high-quality after-sales service and technical support. It is the company's purpose to continuously develop and design innovative products and establish a brand. 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