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Several points that should be paid attention to when outdoor furniture is applied in garden landscape

by:Modern Century     2021-08-10
1. Outdoor furniture should be combined with landscape design, and the style of outdoor furniture should be consistent with the landscape. Outdoor furniture cannot be placed at will, and outdoor furniture cannot be placed at will. Outdoor furniture products are also part of a landscape culture art. 2. Outdoor furniture should be beautiful... Outdoor furniture is part of the landscape. Modeling and material selection should be combined with the surrounding environment. At the same time, the beauty of outdoor furniture has a certain visual impact and attractiveness, so that owners or visitors can take the initiative to walk over after seeing it. In addition to rest, they can also work of art. 3. For outdoor furniture with practicability and durability, outdoor furniture is not a decoration, but an ornament. When it comes to practicality, the comfort and convenience of outdoor furniture. In some areas, in order to ensure integrated and beautiful outdoor furniture, it also takes into account its art and aesthetics, but ignores the practicality of outdoor furniture, such as garbage, which is designed into animal shapes. This is used as a mouth shape for transporting garbage. After asking the sanitation worker to pick up the garbage, he opened a small mouth. It is often found that the shape of the animal's mouth is used for cut peels. Due to the small opening, the sanitation workers could not get a bottle full of rubbish for a long time, completely neglecting its practicality. Durability, the choice of materials and craftsmanship are special. We cannot blindly pursue art and insist on ignoring it. If outdoor furniture is easily damaged and deformed, not only will it lose its artistic beauty, but the scenic spot will increase the cost. 4. When choosing materials for outdoor furniture, our students are accustomed to following the trend of development and forming a herd consumer psychology. Others choose wood, I also choose wood. When choosing rattan weaving in other scenic spots, I also choose rattan weaving. In this way, outdoor furniture loses its uniqueness, uniqueness and unique style charm. An important attraction must have its own uniqueness in order to attract more tourists, and a commercial street must have its own style in order to continuously attract more customers. For a commercial and residential community to attract multiple owners, it must have its own unique charm. Successful application cases companies can provide reference, but can not imitate.
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