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stair chair lifts can be a lifesaver to millions of people

by:Modern Century     2021-03-28

Stair chair lifts will provide users with that essential vertical lift necessary to navigate stairs. Lifts can be either self installed or installed by the selling company. They are all usually made of very high quality materials, steel and heavy wood mostly, with very comfortable support and padding. Stair chair lifts consist of a wide, solid seating area, sturdy armrests, plenty of room for your legs, and a foot stool area that's wide enough for wearing thick boots, if needed.

Lifts usually come with five-ten year parts and labor warranties, and will last you well over ten years. Prices range in the $2,000-to over $3,000 gamut, but you can purchase a quality, reconditioned model for as low as $1,349, depending on the retailer you choose. Some lifts are rated to up to 4,200 pounds in braking strength. An individual doesn't have to worry about whether it will stop exactly in the same spot every time, because it does, both at the top and bottom of the flight of stairs. A lift has a strong motor, a braking cable, and a set of metal gears. Maintenance is effortless; just lubricate the track system every four-six months. What could be easier?

stair lifts can also be used to carry things up and down the stairs, like a quasi-dumbwaiter. Certainly a bag of groceries can be carried up stairs, as could the mail, or a warm plate of food, if eating your dinner upstairs is a common occurrence in the home. But lifts are mostly to vertically move people. They move on a slight slant, but when riding on one, the angle never feels precarious or precipitous. It's always a feeling of utmost security and safety. The sensation never makes an individual feel as if s/he is going to fall out. They have sturdy sea belts to prevent this from happening.

Stair chair lifts can certainly be the one and only solution to one's in-house mobility needs.

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