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Stools have been used in many ancient civilizations

by:Modern Century     2021-03-30

They are simple in design when used for cafes and bars and are also portable and easy to move them around. It also makes it possible to create more sitting space around the counter. They are made of many materials such as plastic, but wood and metal are the most common materials available. The Tolix stool is one of the most common ones made of metal.

Aesthetic Quality

Metallic stools are considered to be more modern in design and aesthetic quality. Wooden ones are more traditional and the ancient civilizations chose this as the material of choice for the furniture they often made.

Whether you are planning to have a number of them around your kitchen counter, cafe or restaurant, you need to factor the kind of ambience of the room they are going to be placed in. Wooden bar stools are more conservative in design.

They are more cozy and warm. Wood's rustic look is great for small cafes and will be popular with customers who frequent it for the kind of warm friendly ambience they get there. Metal is suitable for more contemporary designs. The modern kitchen layout will look more sleek and classy, with one or two metallic stools placed around the counter.

Metal and Durability

Durability is another important point that must be considered. Metal is generally more durable than wood. One reason for this is that metallic furniture is made by continuous piece of material with less number of joints and screws. Furniture made of wood has more joints compared to metallic ones. These joints tend to become weak after some considerable period of time, because wood cannot hold the nails as tightly as other materials would.

The Tolix stool is one piece of metallic furniture that is suitable for outdoor applications. It is not as affected by the elements as wood would. The first design of these piece of furniture were designed with holes on the seat, to make water drain though it incase it got rained on. It is therefore a perfect choice for an establishment that wants to set aside a place where patrons can sit outside and enjoy the outdoor breeze.

A Practical Option

Generally speaking metal furniture is believed to be heavier than some made of wood. However, this depends on the design of the furniture and the specific materials used. Oak is heavier than many metallic items. Aluminum is light compared to many pieces of furniture made of wood. Metal is also easily stackable and therefore easy to store or put aside when not needed.

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