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Suitable for old people's chair, wicker chair

by:Modern Century     2021-09-20
The elderly are the precious wealth of every family, and filial piety to the elderly is the traditional virtue of our Chinese nation. With the increase of age, the hip muscles of the elderly gradually atrophy, the bursa on the ischial tuberosity also undergoes degenerative changes, mucus secretion decreases, and the buffering capacity decreases. If you often sit on a hard bench, it will induce ischial nodular bursitis, especially the elderly with thin bodies are more likely to have such injuries. Soft chairs or soft sofas can cause muscle strain in the elderly. When the body is trapped in a chair, a person's spine has a greater degree of curvature, which increases the burden on the muscles of the lower back. For the elderly with relatively loose bones, there is also a certain risk. The height of the chair should be appropriate, and the height should be 1 cm shorter than the height from the heel to the knee. In this way, when the elderly are sitting, their feet are just flat on the ground, the knee joints are also maintained at about 90 degrees, and the ankle joints can be kept in a naturally drooping resting state. If you sit too low, the knee joint will be excessively flexed, compressing the veins of the lower extremities, making blood flow slow, difficult to return, and easy to form thrombi, which will also cause a burden on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems of the elderly. Moreover, flexing the knee joint for a long time will also aggravate the original knee osteoarthritis of the elderly. If the chair is too high, the pressure of the body weight will be concentrated on the thighs, which will compress the blood vessels in the inner thighs and cause swelling of the calves. It will also make the waist easy to fatigue and cause low back pain. Therefore, we should choose a full rattan rattan chair that is both breathable and flexible for the elderly. The wicker chair is moderately hard, not easy to deform, and its elasticity also meets the medical requirements for the elderly seat, and it is also a good handicraft. It is best to choose a chair with a backrest, and put a footstool so that the legs can be laid flat to prevent lower limb ischemia. The wicker chair is breathable and flexible, and it is better to add a soft cushion. Modern medicine has discovered that there is a small protrusion under the ischial bones of the human pelvis, called ischial tuberosity. There is a bursa at the top. When a person sits down, the bursa secretes mucus when it comes into contact with the object on which it is sitting, which acts as a buffer. , To reduce the discomfort when in contact with hard objects. Experts also emphasized that no matter what chair you sit on, the most important thing is to change your posture frequently. Generally speaking, the wicker chair should be the best choice. Wicker chair factory direct sales
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