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by:Modern Century     2021-03-18

Since we talk so much about dining room table tops here at Table Pad Factory, I thought it would be very interesting to share with you the history of the dining room table.

Our factory was amazed to find out that over a century ago, most homes did not have a dining room table. Instead of a dining room most homes used a 'nook' to eat in, with a small table. Dining rooms and dining room tables were only found in the homes of the wealthy, and were a symbol of status. The reason dining rooms were only found in homes of the wealthiest people? Dining rooms are an extra space, and only homes that were big enough had this extra space for a dining room. Nowadays almost everyone has a dining room table!

Today, dining room tables of the wealthy from over a century ago are considered one of the most popular and treasured antiques in the world. Just as these intricately designed dining rooms tables were a symbol of status 100+ years ago, they maintain their status symbol as antiques, collected by those who invest in them as treasures from the past. Ironically most of these old dining room tables cost much less than the modern dining room tables because it is very rare to find antique dining room tables in good condition; however, their value lies in their rarity and uniqueness.

Have you ever seen an antique dining room table? They are very large and are characterized by detailed, custom designs - intricate carvings, unique shaped edges and patterned surfaces. The grand appearance of the tables made them perfect for entertaining, a hobby that was reserved mostly for the wealthy. The wealthy could afford the mass amounts of food to feed the numerous guests that would gather around the table.

Today, we create custom table pads for our customers who have new tables and antique tables . Our table pads increase the longevity of all dining room tables, and help preserve their beauty. If table pads, with the magnaloc technology we have today, were around over a century ago, surely more antique tables would have been preserved! We are proud to offer table pads for all types of table. We manufacture table pads for antique tables, kitchen tables, conference tables, buffet servers, cocktail and end tables and all other types of tables.

Table Pads Custom manufactures table pads for dining room table pads, conference table pads, buffet servers, kitchen table pads and lots of other table top protection products. Our Table Pad Company will protect your table top from heat, scratches and spills. Custom Table Pads is the leading website for custom table pads for all shaped tables such as round,

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