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Table saws feature a blade mounted to a flat surface

by:Modern Century     2021-03-20

This portable table saw comes with a gravity-rise stand that features two 8-inch pneumatic wheels and a pulling handle for easy transport. The stand is durable, as well as easy to set up and take down without using tools. The saw can remain attached when the stand is collapsed, for quick transport or storage within confined spaces. Table saw reviews from previous customers indicate that this model is perfect for a small workshop.

The saw blade that comes with this table saw is a carbide-tipped, 40-tooth style blade that has a diameter of ten inches and a no load RPM (rotations per minute)of 3,650. A bevel angle range of negative two degrees to positive 47 degrees makes the saw useful for mitering. As far as power goes, this table saw features 15 amps and a 4.0 maximum horsepower. The saw itself weighs 60 pounds and when the stand is added, the total weight reaches 99 pounds. Dimensions of the unit are 39.13' x 30' x 20.9'.

Included in the box with the Bosch table saw and stand are the blade, rip fence, push stick, and miter gauge. Also provided is a Smart Guard System, which is a new Bosch safety feature. It includes a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, and a blade guard. Each of these is modular, and no tools are needed for their addition or removal. The blade guard works independently, allowing enhanced material control during cutting and providing maximum protection.

The table saw table is the largest version available in its class, measuring 29' x 21.5' and made from machined aluminum. This provides increased ripping capacity and enables the saw to handle larger pieces of wood or stock. One of the other features that distinguishes this model from other table saws is the on-board tool and attachment storage. The push stick, miter gauge, rip fence, and Smart Guard System can all be stored on the unit.

In their table saw reviews, customers mention that the Smart Guard System and the Gravity-Rise stand are what led to their purchasing decision. They also report that both the stand and saw are very durable and stable. Accurate cuts are achieved, and it is easy to operate the fence. Customers also appreciate the ability to fold up and store the unit against a wall in a confined space. Attachments like rear and left side support extensions, a pusher/scale, digital carriage display, and molding cutter, zero clearance, and dado cutter inserts, are available for purchase separately, expanding the uses for this portable table saw.

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