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Tamasu Butterfly is the world's leading supplier

by:Modern Century     2021-03-19

One of the major causes for Butterfly's uncontested popularity is their efficient and aggressive marketing and information services. Their website is a regularly updated well-maintained site including even YouTube videos of their products being used by world-class TT players. This superb strategy of providing eye-candy on their products and making information regarding them easily available allows them to be successful even with their steep prices. Customers trust the brand name and are loyal to it, overlooking other brands which may provide the same products at lower prices.

Butterfly Table Tennis rackets come in a variety of rubbers and blades. Some of the most popular 'rubbers' in use are as listed:

Sriver: Butterfly's most famous rubber used, the 'Sriver' has been in use for years, proving its dependability over generations. Admired for the wide range of spin and speed control it offers the player, the Sriver can have thicker sponges glued to it for greater performance if required. It is used by Lee Jung Woo, who holds the 30th rank in the World TT Listings.

Butterfly Table Tennis offers variants on the Sriver in the form of Sriver EL, Sriver FX, Sriver G2 and Sriver G2-FX. Sriver FX uses softer sponge and speed glue while Sriver EL is a combination of the original of the original and the FX version. The other two variants are yet to find an impressive market.

Butterfly Table Tennis rackets also come in the Bryce series. Bryce and Bryce FX are two of the very popular rubbers offered by Butterfly. It is generally used with speed glue, and the ban on speed glue which is expected to be passed soon, may diminish its popularity. Speculation is rife on whether it would work just as well with ordinary glue. We'll have to wait and find out!

Some of the 'blades' used by Butterfly Table Tennis rackets are as follows:

Butterfly blades, especially the ones designed and built in Japan, are considered to be top-notch by TT players the world over. The Butterfly Chinese Blade is recommended for speed attacks while a lighter, soft and more powerful blade would the Butterfly Cypress-S Blade. The Butterfly Kong Linghui Blade is perfect for those looking for tight control over their rackets, while for mid-distance power and a good 'blocking', the Butterfly Mazunov Blade would be ideal.

Depending on individual player's needs it is possible to find the optimal blade/rubber combination. Although, there are other brands available in the market, Butterfly Table Tennis rackets are the most widely used and trusted all over the globe. Hence, it is not surprising that most renowned players and those who can afford it, turn to Butterfly for their TT equipment needs.Mario Churchill is a freelance author who writes on a wide variety of subjects. For more information on table tennis checkout his recommended websites

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