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The application of outdoor furniture in courtyard aesthetic space

by:Modern Century     2021-08-10
The use of outdoor furniture in the aesthetic space of the courtyard makes the visual look more balanced. Create unlimited imagination in a limited space. It allows you to feel the sun, the beach, the garden, the blue sky, the white clouds and all the beautiful scenery, and experience the beauty of nature and art between the sky and the earth. This is the charm of outdoor furniture. Last year, Hunan Satellite TV launched a variety show called 'A Longing for Life'. In this show, celebrities and guests returned to the countryside, cooking, chatting, and doing farm work became all of life. This quiet life of 'picking chrysanthemums and seeing Nanshan leisurely' and chatting about the fun of everyday life satisfies many viewers' imaginations of pastoral life and has won excellent ratings. After the start of 'Longing for LifeLonging to escape the hustle and bustle of the city's rural life. In the past, people in the countryside wanted to run into the city, but now the people in the city yearn for a rural life. Why? In cities, there are all kinds of pollution in air, water or food, which have led to the increasing incidence of various cancers in recent years, and the quality of life is worrying. Even the country is vigorously promoting 'emissions reduction and pollution control' and initiated ' The green mountains and green waters are the golden mountains and silver mountains, and the green mountains and green waters of the earth.” Such calls have triggered more and more people to pay attention to a healthy living environment; in the countryside, there are no feasting and noisy streets in big cities, but fresh air is secreted. , There are more open green fields, which makes people feel refreshed and distracted. What you eat and drink is also green food, pure natural without additives, and you can also experience the fun of self-sufficiency. Which city people do not yearn for such a leisurely day. The current cost of living in the city is high and work pressure is high. If you want to make a home in the city, the housing price is too high. You can only buy a small house at a high price, which is uncomfortable. Just as there are people who are ambitions to climb the summit, there are also people who are willing to be ordinary and cannot afford a house in the city. It is better to go back to their hometown and build a small villa at the same price. In the past, there was the introduction of western life and culture, beautiful gardens, and the neighboring nature. Later, the development of building and real estate, the revival of Chinese courtyards, etc. Under the influence of various social environments, the life concepts of Chinese people are constantly being innovated. . In fact, everyone is not simply yearning for pastoral life, but for this kind of comfortable lifestyle that steals half a day of leisure. However, 'Poetry and the distance' is always an unattainable dream for reality. Therefore, in this impetuous urban life, the garden has become a rare habitat in people's lives. Therefore, creating a comfortable and pleasant outdoor garden is essential for many urbanites. Of course, a garden needs more than just flowers and trees, a small view of water and rocks, and a set of leisure chairs. Comfortable and well-designed outdoor furniture extends the indoor living room to the outdoors, and naturally can also add unlimited life interest and diverse styles to the garden. In recent years, outdoor furniture has been increasingly used in garden design. Nowadays, outdoor furniture is not only considered for the functionality of the garden, but at a higher level, it also reflects a state of life. If you know how to use outdoor furniture to match the outdoor space, the garden will become your utopia, the poetry of your dreams and the distance. Excellent design and excellent quality have made Modern Century, which has made Modern Century popular among major tourist resorts, boutique homestays, five-star hotels, real estate projects, and villa families at home and abroad. Modern Century's outdoor furniture design not only meets the needs of people's daily life, but also beautifies the outdoor environment in space.
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