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The basic principles of outdoor furniture matching design

by:Modern Century     2021-08-14
The problem of matching design principles is a prerequisite for optimizing the design of outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is the most direct visual communication carrier for people to know and understand the city, allowing tourists and urban residents to personally experience the charm of the city every day. In order to meet people's multifaceted needs for outdoor furniture, enrich the lives of people in urban parks or residential areas, and highlight the local cultural characteristics, it should follow the principles of people-oriented, folklore, artistic, interesting, ecological and the harmony of nature and man. The basic principle. 1. Regarding human beings is the creator of history, so any design product must be presented in accordance with human needs, with human thoughts as the core of leadership, taking into account their behavior habits and inner needs, such as the appropriate scale and proportions. And so on, to meet people's needs for entertainment, leisure, sightseeing and other functions. In addition, its accessibility, comfort, shock resistance, practicality, durability and privacy should also be considered. However, the real 'people-oriented' is not just a slogan, nor is it ignoring or even destroying the emotional design of 'people-oriented' outdoor furniture based on nature. To be truly people-oriented, we must follow nature, ensure its sustainable development, and integrate into the place. Features, encourage people to participate, consider the emotional needs of different groups of people, and meet people's growing material and cultural needs! 2. The matching design of folk outdoor furniture should reflect the folk customs and inherit their aesthetic concepts, so as to form different types and different Style works. For example, outdoor furniture in France uses bright colors as the main color, perfect and sensual; outdoor furniture in Italy focuses on Milanese style, modernity and luxury. In addition, this style is particularly evident in modern residential areas. There are outdoor furniture such as Japanese, European, Southeast Asian, French, Chinese style pavilion and corridor seats. Because only by reflecting the local customs, can residents have a sense of identity, belonging and resonance. 3. Artistic outdoor furniture furnishings under the open air determine its public attributes. In other words, it has the character of serving the public. People can enjoy outdoor furniture products free of charge. And its artistic characteristics are due to people's different lifestyles and cultural standards, leading to differences in their values u200bu200band aesthetic concepts, resulting in different outdoor furniture artworks. The artistry of outdoor furniture draws on the elements of local genres, styles and customs, and expresses a kind of emotion of the designers and a kind of cognition to the society. The source of life history creativity, creativity comes from art. The artistic expression of outdoor furniture can be explained through modeling, engraved characters, plaque inscriptions, and carvings of different patterns. Symbols, bixing, and suggestive artistic furnishings can be used to express certain ideas. The rhythm and rhythm of landscape art can also be used to repeat. With changes, obstacles, framed scenes, etc. In addition, it combines light and shadow, reflection and other artistic features to create. 4. Fun Fun is a kind of life interest, a lubricant for people's colorful life, and a higher level of enjoyment for people, and it is the permanent vitality of emotional design. The fun should be reflected in its shape, which should be novel, peculiar and intriguing, and its color should be eye-catching, or strong in contrast, or peaceful and comfortable. Interesting can be shaped by bionics, the shape can be an animal, or the fruit of a plant. 5. The proposal of ecological design principles is an essential consideration for landscape architects. It focuses on environmental sustainability and pursues a long-term benefit, focusing on protection and management. It requires designers to use renewable and local materials when designing outdoor furniture to maximize the utilization of materials, reduce energy waste, and preserve regional culture. In addition, designers can use green plants such as climbing plants, firecrackers, wisteria, etc. to put a green coat on outdoor furniture, and can also reflect ecological feelings through pruning-resistant plants and perennial flowers. It should be noted that it is best to use native tree species for plants. Of course, there are also some bionics, such as imitating architectural modeling, imitating animals and plants. 6. Chinese traditional aesthetic concept emphasizes the harmonious unity of people and things. This aesthetic taste originated from Zhuangzi's philosophy. In order for outdoor furniture to be one of nature and human, it must bring impact to people's psychology. This impact is a kind of communication at the highest level of emotion and thought. It can bring joy to people's body and mind, bring joy, and is a kind of spirit. The enjoyment of the world. First, its design should be simple and unpretentious, with natural beauty; second, it must be integrated with other scenery to achieve the overall harmonious beauty; finally, it must conform to the situation and transmit positive energy. In short, outdoor furniture matching design reflects the cultural connotation of the entire city, and its design is particularly important. As the main body of the urban space environment, the emotional design of outdoor furniture should take humanity as the basic starting point, pay attention to character, humanity and human heart, and satisfy the city. The daily needs of residents embody the spirit of the times, and abide by the principles of people-oriented, folklore, artistic, interesting, ecological, and harmony between man and nature. But these principles do not exist in isolation, but are closely connected. Only in this way can we create healthy, comfortable, interesting and high-quality outdoor furniture.
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